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Ashmita S

on 15 March 2016

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Transcript of Controlling

Vision Statement
Goals & Objectives
Objectives are what the company expects to accomplish during the year. Goals are strategic objectives that the business has in mind to accomplish.
Objectives have measurable outcomes that the company tries to achieve, whereas goals are broader ideas of the company
Operations Management
Total Quality Management
Mission Statement
By: Ashmita Shanthakumar
march 10th 2016
Lean Production
Supply Chain
A mission statement is all of the goals and values of a company and what they want to complete through their work
Cold Stone's Mission Statement: We foster a work environment through collaboration and partnerships that increase employee engagement, strengthen our business relationships, encourage innovation, influence multicultural markets and make Cold Stone the Ultimate Ice Cream Experience® for everybody!
A vision statement is the organization's objectives relating to finance and it guides the company's decision making, to create a successful company.
Cold Stone's vision statement: “The world will know us as
the Ultimate Ice Cream Experience by making us the #1 best-selling ice cream brand in America by December 31,
Operations management is controlling your operations (key jobs or tasks of the business) so that you can implement a company's business strategy to achieve certain goals and objectives.
Total Quality Management is customer oriented so the entire business is focused on improving constantly to create the best quality.
To do this it needs to be
Involve all of the employees
Have an integrated system
Strategic and systematic approach.
Continual involvement
Fact based decision making
Continual involvement
Lean production is trying to cut out anything that wastes, time, effort, or money, and create a more efficient business project. Guiding principles of these are:
Defining value from the customer's perspective
Making value occurring sequences occur in a strict sequence
Identify steps that do not create value and eliminate them
Repeat all of the steps until waste has been eliminated.
Just in time management is to have only the minimal amount of items needed for the business, this eliminates any waste that would occur. For example: If you know that ten pizzas are going to sell than only stock those ten pizzas.
Just in case management is making sure you have more than enough of what you need that if the need arises you will use that extra amount. For example: If you know that you are going to sell about 15 cups of ice cream, stock 25 cups of ice cream just in case more people come that day.
A supply chain is the group of manufacturers, people, and deliverers that bring the product from the suppliers to where it is needed for consumption by the consumers. For example: getting the coca-cola from the manufacturing plant to the store.
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