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Percussive Lesson

No description

Devin McGuire

on 29 March 2016

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Transcript of Percussive Lesson

NAfMe standards
This lesson addressed the music technology standards according to NAfME MU:Pr4.3.T.IIIa
Demonstrate how understanding the style, genre, context, and
integration of digital technologies in a varied repertoire of music
informs and influences prepared
and improvised performances
and their ability to connect with audiences
-Visual learners will appreciate the animation at the start of class and the music being projected
-Kinsetic learners will appreciate the sense of touch that comes from the Percussive app
-Auditory learners will appreciate the embedded audio and the use of headphones
-504 students can re-watch the video as needed
-Groups can be adjusted to help students with various IEP's
Next time I use PowToon to explain an activity, I will consider using a Kahoot! game to review the instructions (this will require distributing materials sooner). PowToon is useful because it is effective in conveying information to a variety of learners. I am proud of my ability to incorperate a number of different technologies into a music setting.
Students will watch a PowToon video that showcases basic information on the application "Percussive". Students will then pair up in twos and play a duet together after proving to the teacher that they are capable of using the app correctly and respectfully.

Struggling students may be paired up with a more advanced student to encourage scaffolding and student responsibility. At the end of the lesson, all students should be able to know how to open the app and play simple melody's in the treble clef on the instrument of choice.
Project Procedure
The powtoon will be used by students grades 3-5. Students will sit in their spots at the start of class and watch the video on a smartboard. I will then pair students by counting them off. They will discuss the key parts of the video as a pair and I will walk around and distribute iPads, headphones and headphone splitters to pairs who can verbalize how the app works to me. Students will then play one of three melody lines projected on the smartboard in treble clef with their partner. All three lines make harmony so the students can practice duets until the period ends. I will collect the materials at the door when the students line up in a single file line.
Percussive Lesson
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