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Amy Waine

on 26 April 2018

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Transcript of Canada

BY: Ciala Parham
They have 3 popular sports that we don't normally play.
They also have sports we know very well.
Ice hockey
They are well known for playing these in the olympics and scoring very high.
The first thing they eat is Maple Bacon Cornbread.It has 8 strips of thinly sliced maple bacon. They also eat a Moose Burger with wild Blueberry onion jam. It has 1 IB of ground moose
One very important holiday to Canada is Victoria Day. They do this in order to celebrate the memory of Queen Victoria and to acknowledge the current queen (of England ). It also called May Two- Four and May Long or May long Weekend.
Famous People
Some of the most famous people are from Canada. Like Drake, Auril Lavigne, and Dwayne Johnson. Drake was born in Toronoto in Canada. Auril Lavigne was born in a small town called Napanee, Ontario and spent most of her childhood there. Every famous person on this website is from Canada.
Canada had many different names for their flag.(16470
the flag was Fleur delis .(1577) cross of St.George
(1701-1801)(1801-1921) was the Royal Union Flag.(17070) (1879-1921) Red Ensign. The name also changed to Canadian Red Ensign. There flag is rec and white with a red maple leaf in the middle .
One animal Canada is well known for is the beaver. They are also known for the grizzly bear.Many animals are spotted in Canada for they're many acres of land. It has enough land to live and survive without starveation or death completely in peace from any human being who tries to kill them in any way in their natural habitat.
Canada sells lots of artwork. Most of the artwork is about landscapes. Most paintings are mountains and long plains of grass. Some paintings even have people. They travel across snowy hills and rocky mountains. Every landscape is hand drawn and takes a tramendis amount of time to draw them. Even if you go none stop only with bathroom and eating breaks.
Major Cities
The first major city in Canada is Toronto,Ontario. With it's population of 4,753,120 people it is the most populated city. It is the greatest city in Canada. With a large population
Canada has three major ways to travel. Car, bike, or taxi. Those three things are the main ways to travel in Canada
Canada has several weird laws. One law is that it is illegal to whistle in Canada. It is a srange rule but, a rule they do not break very often
Trends in Canada aren't really different from trends in Alabama. They have the latest cloths. On the runway they tend to have amazing cloths that we would kill to wear.
Canada has made many impressing inventions. They have made the pager. The have also invented the imax camera .
# of people-population
Canada has a number poplation of 36,953,765. It is the in the top fifty of he countries. It rank in currently at 38 ranked by population.
Canada only speaks 2 languages. They have Spanish and English. only 25% of Canada speaks a different kind of language that is not Spanish or English.
Canada money is the Canadian dollar. One Canadian dollar is equal to 79 cents in USA money. A USA dollar equals one dollar and twenty seven cents.
The government of Canada, formally referred to as Her Majesty's Government. Is the heart of Canada. The government is a federal administration of Canada.
What kind
Education in Canada isn't realy that bad. They have great colleges. If yo take full time you have a job that can pay a lot of money which is the main focus.
The most common religion is the religion they admire most. Christianity is one if the biggest ones around .Favored by many people.
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