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Walt Disney

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on 16 December 2014

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Transcript of Walt Disney

The Walt Disney Company
The Disney brothers created The Walt Disney Studios on October 16, 1923
Both brothers grew up together in Marceline, Missouri with their 3 other siblings
Roy O. Disney dealt with the financial side of the business and was the CEO
Walt Disney dealt with the creative side of the company
Originally known as the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio but later on changed it to Walt Disney Studio
Walt Disney was rejected and told he "was not creative enough" by a newspaper editor, and was also fired
He still continued to animate
Walt lost the rights to his characters legally and he was no longer allowed to use them. This was done by his distributor M.J.Winkler.
Created a new character Mickey Mouse and ensured that all the rights to his characters belonged to him
Financial Issues
He borrowed money from the bank and mortgaged everything, using whatever capital he had
Had criticism for wanting to create a full length animated film
Still continued to create Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs even though it cost a lot of money
Company's Success
Obstacles Faced & Over Coming Them
Why The Company Will Experience Future Success
Adapts to trends in the media
Appeal to a larger audience in the market through obtaining rights to companies/brands
Branch out to popular mediums
Responding to the Changing Marketplace and Staying Successful
December 5, 1901 – December 15, 1966
Roy O. Disney
He started out delivering newspapers
Worked as a bank clerk in Kansas City, Mo., for eight years
Moved to Hollywood to help his brother become an animator
"My job is to help Walt do the things he wants to do." (Los Angeles Times)
The Company Today
Company Outlook
History of the Company
& About the Founders
Mission, Philosophy and Strategy
Mission: To bring joy and entertainment to people of all ages through their products and parks

Philosophy: “[Y]ou've got to pour it back into the ground if you want to get it out” Walt Disney, interview with NBC, 1966

Strategy: Adapt to the marketplace and keep up with the trends

Corporate Social Responsibility
In 2013, named The Most Socially Responsible Company by Forbes (American Business Magazine)
Puts a priority on health and safety - for both employees and consumers
Safety Initiative
Environment: Water and Energy Conservation, Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction, Waste Minimization, Ecosystem Conservation, and Inspire Action
Employee Benefits
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Walt Disney
Walt's passion of drawing began at a young age
In high school, he took drawing and photography classes and was a contributing cartoonist for the school paper (A&E Television Networks)
He moved back to Kansas City to pursue a career as a newspaper artist & later worked at Pesmen-Rubin Art Studio
Open his own animation business called Laugh-O-Grams with Ubbe Iwerks but went in debt in 1923
He created Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio with his brother
Growth Rate
Size of Company
Employee Base
Financial Success

Walt had always had a dream of animating
Roy wanted his brother's dream to come true
Walt's enthusiasm about his project drove him to continue working at it despite the hardships
Origins of Their Idea
Walt loved nature and the wilderness
It is where he drew inspiration from when growing up
His passion for drawing, photography helped
Animation: upon return from France, he wanted to pursue commercial arts
What Makes Disney So Successful
Walt was able to hire employees who knew understood his vision and follow it
Disney brothers were able to trust their instincts and continued with their plans
Their cooperate social responsibility gave Disney a good name
Stayed true with their mission and the company's values and still is the same company as it was before
"Employees are called “associates,” visitors are called “guests,” creative designers are called “Imagineers.”" (Hill, PBP Media)
Disney doesn't just entertain you, it gives you an experience
Older generations are still able to enjoy Disney things whether it is the theme parks or movies
Able to grow as a company
How The Company Is Different And The Same From When It Started
More than just childish cartoons and has expanded to other types of entertainment that would appeal to older audiences
Constantly innovating and pushing the boundaries of not just animation
Expanded as a company and has branched out to other forms of mediums
New Opportunities For The Company
Branch out towards the video game industries to target gamers
Create more technology and apps that relates to animation
Some Challenges They Might Face
Getting people to buy into their new technology because Disney has been mostly viewed as "childish"
Continuing to make their TV shows popular on Disney Channel
Keeping up with the change in society/pop culture
Walt Disney
Roy O. Disney
June 24, 1893 - December 30, 1971
Still appeal to everyone's inner child
Use classic characters such as Mickey Mouse
Same level of creativity in their movies
Still continue with their mission and have kept their values -"Walt Disney was famous for saying, “I hope that we never lose sight of one thing — that it was all started by a mouse.”" (Hill, PBP Media)
Brand Loyalty
Can easily respond to the change in markets
Can differentiate themselves form other companies and giving them an edge
The Disney experience
Innovation in entertainment
Don't have bad publicity
Bring diversity and target a large audience
Growth Rate
10 year growth rate for the Disney Co. stock
Disney has been growing
New technology, new projects, new fan bases
Size of Company
As of 2013, 28th largest company
6 theme parks & reosrts
Over 100 movies
Different Channels
Multiple Mediums
Different Genres
Employee Base
180 000 employees (as of 2014)
Financial Success
Company has improved a lot in terms of finance
In early films, a lot of money was lost
Now: Net Income of $8.004 billion US (2014)
Frozen: $1,274,219,009 Gross Earnings
One of the most successful
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