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Science Fair Project/ Which Milk Spoils the Fastest

Which milk spills the quickest and the slowest between whole milk, skim milk, half & half, and 2% milk.

Christian Willis

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of Science Fair Project/ Which Milk Spoils the Fastest

Before Procedure 1.Label all 4 cups = skim milk, whole milk, 2% milk, & half and half.

2.Place correct milk (1/4 cup) in correct cup.

3.Place cups in first environment(normal temperatured, 75 degrees Fahrenheit room).

4.Check results after 24 hours to see which begins to turn.

5.Check again for final results after 48 hours.

6.Repeat step 1-3 twice, the next time placing milk in a nonheated environment (60 degrees Fahrenheit room) and last in a room with a heater to circulate heat throughout the room(Extra heat, 85-90 degrees Fahrenheit).

7.Continue with step 4 and 5.
Facts •Skim milk has little or no fat in it.
•Whole milk has all of the fat from a cow.
•2% has about 64% fat in it, 40% less than whole milk.
•Half and half, half milk and half cream ranges from 10% to 12% fat.
•Milk spoils by bacteria over time allowed growing and multiplying, it begins to look chunky and smell sour.
•Milk spoils by being placed in an area 45 degrees Fahrenheit or above.
•Fat is not susceptible to rot whereas the other components of milk are susceptible.
Hypothesis If the time that milk spoils depends on the amount milk fat contained, then the more fat the longer it takes to spoils.


•Whole Milk
•Half and Half
•2% Milk
•Skim milk
•4 cups (4 ounces)
•Small heater
After Conclusion In conclusion, the hypothesis was proven correct. In a normal room temperature setting it took skim milk 6 ½ hours to spoil, 2% took 8 hours, half & half took 15 hours, and whole milk took 16 ¼ hours. When placed in a higher heat setting the milk spoiling process sped up by 1 to 2 hours. When placed in a lower heat setting the milk spoiling process slowed down by 2 to 3 hours. This proves that the lower amount of fat the quicker it spoils because fat is not susceptible to rot like other milk components. Whole Milk, 2%,Half & Half, or Skim What milk spoils the fastest?
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