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Prezi Presentation:Cheerleading

This presentation focuses on what cheerleading is, the history, and what the sport of cheerleading has transformed into today.

Shelley Smith

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of Prezi Presentation:Cheerleading

Cheerleading What is it? History What is Cheerleading
Like Today? Cheerleading is a sport that originated in the United States at Princeton University. It was 1884 when the university came up with the first cheer that led the crowd in spirit. Now, cheerleading is a world wide sport and his highly competitive and skill oriented. Some elements incorporated in the sport are stunting, tumbling, dancing, and of course, cheering. Today, most cheerleaders are female, however, at the collegiate level, around 50% are male. There are all types of leagues ranging from pop warner, collegiate, all-star, and all the way to the professional level. At the collegiate and all star levels are where the most impressive stunts and tumbling can be seen. While cheerleading still has its "cheer" aspect, it is becoming more about skill. Just like any other sport, it is competitive to see who is the best at certain skills. The first "Spirit Leaders" were actually male. They stood in front of a crowd and led the people in cheers and chants for the home team. Only in 1920's did cheerleading become a "womens sport." Males deep voices were ideal for projecting the cheer out to the audience. Women were only introduced to the sport when gymnastics, pyramids, and tosses began to be incorporated in the act.
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