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How can we be certain that we know what happened in the past

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Andrew Sias

on 21 November 2016

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Transcript of How can we be certain that we know what happened in the past

Explain to the public why our understanding of the past is always evolving.
How can we be certain that we know what happened in the past?
This is where you will make an argument about how certain we can be regarding what happened in the past. Very certain? Somewhat certain? Uncertain? Why do you think so? Cite evidence from class materials along with reliable evidence you find in other sources.
Social Institutions and Academic Disciplines
What are some of the “lenses” historians use to investigate the past?
Explain how social institutions are used to compare societies.

Explain how historians use experts in other academic disciplines to help them construct reliable accounts of what happened in the past.
Inquiry, Sourcing, and Accounts
How do historians collect and analyze evidence and use it to support their claims?

Explain how the historical inquiry process leads to accurate historical accounts.
How do historians organize historical events chronologically and determine which events are most significant?
Explain the criteria historians use to determine which historical events are most significant and worthy of our study.
Historical and Modern Maps
How do historians use maps to understand the past?
Explain how historians use maps as tools to understand the relationship between humans and the environment.
Explain how and why historians use eras and periods to organize historical events.
Historical Thinking Tools
Constructing Accurate Historical Accounts
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