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The Portal 1

No description

Moya Crowley

on 12 March 2014

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Transcript of The Portal 1

Plantation Productions' Get AmbITion
To create a digital channel, showcasing inspirational community films and projects.

Digital marketing tools raise the profile of Plantation Productions
Plantation Productions is an arts & media charity based in Govan, Glasgow, UK.
We deliver the Arts & Culture Programme across the South West of Glasgow
What did we do?
of over 100 films made by the Greater Govan community over the last 10 years
Developed a vibrant community platform to connect people, gather feedback and create a digital archive
Plantation Productions won the Digital 2012 Networking Challenge with

completed an organisational review
developed a digital strategy
produced a digital brief & specifications
Commissioned Post Creative, a digital design, strategy and marketing agency
Introduced to new digital tools
Gather Content & Concept Board
Creative sharing has never been easier!
New Strap line & logo
Social Media reaches a wider audience
New website featuring
Mark Webb, Director of '500 Days of Summer', tweets "my new favorite thing'...

In 2 months

Giving the local community a world wide audience
Please Play.....
Over 65 local people, dancers, firemen, police and film crew contributed to this film. A massive THANK YOU ALL.
Thanks for all the support
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