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Flipping Information Literacy: Collaborating across Departments

No description

Rosalie Flowers

on 23 June 2015

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Transcript of Flipping Information Literacy: Collaborating across Departments

Flipping Information Literacy: Collaborating Across Departments to Automate Library Instruction
Collaborating With Academic Departments
Writing &
Developing Content
Review of ENC1102 outcome statements
Survey of Composition instructors
Creation of Module Topics
Assigning Module Content
Adding to our Team

Center for Distributed Learning
Development course
Live course
Auto enroll
Writing & Rhetoric
Negotiate "release date"
Educating students & instructors
Flipping instruction
Content Format
Video Introduction
Final Assessment
Review & Revisions
Project with adjunct librarian to review content and assessment
Analyzed quiz statistics
Revised content where necessary
Created question bank and revised problematic questions
Deployed question bank in Spring 2013

Instructor Survey
46 ENC1102 and SLS1501 instructors (45% response rate)
How/why they were using course
Perception of student learning
Communication with departments/instructors
Curriculum Flux
Need for Video Updates
Hosting video/closed captioning
Student Confusion
Adding additional classes
Score syncing
Student privacy with instructors seeing all student scores
Instructors editing course settings (number of attempts, due date)
Outreach Opportunities
Data and Research Opportunities
Positive Feedback
University Award

"All of my success I must yet again attribute to the Library research strategies module online... I learned how to search for different types of sources... Through this method I found articles, books, and reports that had a straight relation to my issue."
"I thought it was valuable information for them to know as they transition into the university."
UCF Information Technology & Resources
2014 Outstanding Collaboration Award
Survey Results
How did you count the quiz score
in your course?
Do you think the webcourse was a worthwhile introduction to the UCF Libraries' resources and services?
Do you think the webcourse helped your students locate appropriate resources for their class assignments?
John Venecek, Rosie Flowers, Rachel Mulvihill & Renee Cole Montgomery
An Introductory Module: Researching Your Topic
What is A Scholarly Resource?
Primary vs. Secondary Resources
Tour of Library Homepage highlighting most important links
Using the Discovery Tool
Subject-Specific Databases
Identifying Parts of A Citation
Avoiding Plagiarism
Getting Help
Center for Distributed Learning: Susan Hicks, Kelvin Thompson, Brent Shaw, Kerlene King, Jonathan Pizzo (not pictured: Beth Nettles)
Libraries: Robin Chan, John Venecek, Rachel Mulvihill and Renee Montgomery (not pictured: Patti McCall and Corinne Bishop)
John Venecek, John.Venecek@ucf.edu
Rosie Flowers, rflowers@stetson.edu
Renee Montgomery, rcmontgomery@ucf.edu
Rachel Mulvihill, Rachel.Mulvihill@ucf.edu
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