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1st Year Commuter's Orientation

First orientation in July is a 40 minute introduction to campus and initial issues.

Christina Brenner

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of 1st Year Commuter's Orientation

College here I come! Parking Options
On Campus
Meter Parking
Garage Parking Make friends Get good grades Have FUN! Where to go? Where to eat? When am I going to work? Study Christina Brenner
Associate Director, Sykes Student Union
Toni Koch
Assistant Director, Sykes Student Union
Sandy Jones
Assistant to the Director, Sykes Student Union How do I get to class? transportation
finding the class So many ways to get involved Time to move out? Consider an on campus job Schedule classes am or pm leave time to meet people/organizations Get hang tag now at PS 8a-2p! Open parking after 4pm and weekends! PS Escort Service Learning Assistance
and Resource Center: Writing Center In Person and on line tutoring time management+++ Be honest Balance your course load Sykes Union, Your home away from home New Recreation Center! Coming 2012 Do a "Run Through" Don't be afraid to ask for HELP! Volunteers will help on Sunday Orientation 2 Commuter Crash Course Public Transportation WCU Rideshare All take cash, debit, credit Time on Campus meeting people get involved feel belonging get purpose stay involved invest in future First Year/Transfer Student Leadership Program
Friday September 7th at 5pm
On Campus
Focus on getting involved, making the most of your time at WCU
Leadership Development

Learn how to Connect
Learn how to Learn
Learn how to Lead

Professional Leadership Speakers & Active Events!
Tickets and meals provided for the First Home Football Game Employment in Sykes Union:

Copy Center
Information Desk
Student Directors
Special Event Staff

www.wcupa.edu/sykesunion Commuters Can make Campus Feel Like Home Seek out resources Set Expectations Get Involved! Get a Mentor Push Yourself Out of your Comfort Zone 5 Ways Hopkins, K. (2011, August 22) 5 Ways Commuters can Make Campus Feel Like Home, www.usnews.com Thank you for "Finding Yourself" at West Chester University 5 1 2 3 4
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