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Lob's Girl 1st Part

No description

Tania Santacruz

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of Lob's Girl 1st Part

Lob's Girl 1st Part
How did they meet?
Lob and Sandy first met on the beach, Lob greeted Sandy by running and lunging at her, when she opened her eyes Lob was licking her face.

Lob can't live with the Pengelly family because he already has an owner called Mr. Dodsworth
Describing the Pengelly family...
The Pengelly family live in a Cornish fishing village. The village has a beautiful beach, with surrounding rock and cliffs, as well as luscious gardens in all white stone houses. It sounds like a beautiful village in England.

Lob went through all this to find his way back to Sandy
The first time he walked all the way from the Fisherman’s Arms, which is on the other side of the harbor. The second time he walked all the way from Liverpool to Cornwall. Lob risked his life in order
to get back to Sandy.
How did Lob finally live with the Pengelly family?
Mr. Dodsworth couldn’t keep affording bringing Lob home and felt that Lob had chosen his owner. He gave Lob to the Pengelly family as a gift.
What desserts do they like?
They love eating scones with cream and jam, which are freshly made in the Cornish village.
Christmas puddings and blackberry jelly are two other desserts that they love to make and eat
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