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England's Culture

No description

Amy Waine

on 20 March 2018

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Transcript of England's Culture

England has some of the most popular sports like Soccer, Cricket, Rugby, Ice Hockey, and Basketball.

One of the most Famous English food dishes is called "Fish and Chips" It's really just fried fish with french fries{ It's a really delicious meal to eat there.Another Delicious meal to eat is Pizza. They love pizza there half of the people that live there eat it.
England's Famous People
England's Famous people consist of people like David Beckham, William Shakespeare, Qween Elizabeth the 1, Qween Elizabeth, And David Bowie.
Major Cities
England's most famous City is London with 8.788 Million People That's a lot of people!
The other city is Birmingham with 1.101 Million people! All together that's 9.889 Million people.
England's Culture
By: Jaylan Sharpe
The largest celebration of fireworks explodes at midnight over the London eye. Big Ben chimes and rings.Then the New year starts,
The Saint George's Cross. In the union Flag this represents the entire kingdom of England ,including Wales. The English version of the first union Flag , In 1606, mostly used in England and, from 1707, The flag of the Kingdom of Great Britain.
England Language
The official Language of England is English with a big change in the accent
Dying is illegal in the houses of Parliaments.
Also beating or shaking a mat, rug, or carpets is also illegal.
It's also illegal to eat mince pies on Christmas Day.
England money is similar to US money but instead of them calling it Money they call it a euro. Here is a picture of it.

Facts Of England
Berkeley Castle is the oldest English castle still inhabited by the family who built it. The founder of the Berkeley family as Robert Fitzharding [1095-1170]. He started building the present castle from 1153.
The highest temperature ever recorded in England was 38.5'C [10.3'F]. In Broddale, On August 10, 2003
England animals consist of The Red Dear, Mountain Hare, Bat, European Hedgehog, and the Beluga Whale. In England there are romars That the Lynx is Still alive after Its 1'300 year absance.
Some of the most famous arts in England are the Roman baths, Angel of the north, Sky Mirror,Trevi Fountain, Big Ben, and The Bridge of London. Also you ride under the bridge of London, night it's a really beautiful site.
London uses underground railroads, buses,River services, Oyster card.
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