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1st day Marine engineering

No description

Maram Alsuwailem

on 12 August 2018

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Transcript of 1st day Marine engineering

Marine engineering
Welcome to the first day of Marine Engineering!
History of Boats
This video will teach us the history of boat design
Intro Questions
The word
has to do with water
Can anyone guess what a
marine engineer

Can anyone name a type of boat?
What materials are used to build those boats?
1st Activity Intro
1st Activity
Does Your Boat Float?
What does
What does
2nd Activity
The first challenge is to make a boat using play-doh that can stay afloat for 5 seconds
Explain: Play-doh ball vs boat
Spreading out the dough doesn’t make the dough lighter but it does distribute the weight of the dough over a larger area, making it so that the dough floats.
After Activity Questions
Did the shape of the boat matter?
What happened if the sides of the boat were not high enough?
Did you notice anything else about the boats that floated well?
Now we will listen to a story about a cow, a donkey, a sheep, a pig, and a tiny little mouse who decided to go in a boat trip but the boat sank, Which would be more likely to sink the boat? Why?
After story Questions
Were your predictions right?
Was it a surprise?
Why do you think the lightest animal sank the boat?
Do you think that the story would have ended differently if the animals had got into the boat in a different order?
3rd Activity
The second challenge is to make a canoe using aluminum foil that can hold some marbles
Draw a table on the board that includes two columns: one for students' names and the other for the number of marbles their boat held
3rd Activity Intro
2nd lesson intro
Where have you seen a canoe?
How does person get a canoe to move through water?
How is a canoe different than a motorboat?
What kinds of materials are canoes made of?
How is a canoe shaped differently than other boats?
How does a canoe float?
Can you think of anything else that is buoyant, or can float in water?
Can you think of anything that isn't buoyant, or something that sinks?
3rd Activity Explanation
*Start from 0:56
Extra Activity
Build a boat with Lego WeDo
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