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FINDing the Filipino Identity

A study of the Filipino Intercollegiate Networking Dialogue's organizational structure and its communication practices

Denise Bartolome

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of FINDing the Filipino Identity

a look at the Filipino Intercollegiate Networking Dialogue (FIND)'s structure and communication practices FINDing Ourselves student-led non-profit organization
Boston to Virginia Beach
promote unity and cooperation among Filipino students in higher ed
semi-annual conferences what is FIND?
Drexel University
The College of New Jersey
La Salle University
Pennsylvania State University
Temple University
Villanova University
University of Pennsylvania
University of the Sciences in Philadelphia
University of Delaware District V hey girl, whatcha doin'?
(method slide) Artifacts
Facebook groups
publications FINDings Conclusions the never ending story
(more Questions) bimodal formal
informal Facebook
FIND group (Formal):

National '12-'13 group (Informal):

District 5 (Semi-Formal):
FLIPpin' Serious (Formal):

FLIPpin' Awesome (Informal):
Emails reliance on Gmail
chats, hangout PSFA Facebook page (semi-formal):

PSFA Website (formal):
f2f Formal: GBM, Eboard
Informal: walking around Philly talking about stuff, jam sessions laced with FIND Q&A, bars and dancing at bars
dbartolome@findinc.org Meta Observations Facebook is used for PR, general discussions, generating interest, threads (shorter than email replies...serious mixed with light)
Emails used by student leaders to officially plan, organize, take action, threads (longer than FB comments)
good old f2f...bouncing ideas --> proposals in a formal setting Same tools, multiple ways of using due to many features...emails are no longer just about emails the reflection issue: how can we use social networks to replicate discussions leading up to semi-annual gatherings? literacy of a culture, development of an identity is personal as well as collaborative Wordpress-Facebook Integration:
how much integration should we set up? Thanks guys :)
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