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1. What years does the map represent?

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Amelia Merwin

on 5 February 2016

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Transcript of 1. What years does the map represent?

The Spread of Buddhism, PART 1
Do Now - Friday, February 5, 2016
1. Imagine you are a scientist.

If you discovered a cure for a disease,
would you
spread this information?
Table Talk
Today's Learning Objective
In a 4-6 sentence paragraph, SWBAT explain why Buddhism spread through China by citing at least
two political
two religious examples
while using complete sentences.
Do Now - Part 2
Recap from yesterday
Buddhism spread through China because people wanted a way to relieve their suffering due to China's civil wars.
MAP SCAVENGER HUNT - Test your skills!
1. What
does the map represent?

2. What country does Buddhism START in?

3. How many modern day countries does Buddhism travel to in the map? (Hint: CAPITAL LETTERS)

4. Look at the different patterns on the map. What 2 countries does Buddhism reach last? (hint: LOOK AT THE KEY)

5. In what centuries does Buddhism reach these last countries?
Explain your answer in 2-3 complete sentences.
Be specific!
2. How would you spread this information
as quickly as possible

using modern technology?
THE Buddha
NOTE: The Buddha (Siddartha) died
his ideas began to spread.

Make some predictions:

What are we looking at here?
How were these mystery objects created?
Discussion Questions
1. What does the artist in the video do that demonstrates craftsmanship?

2. What tools does he use?

3. How do his tools help him?

4. As a student, what tools do YOU use to help support your craftamanship?
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