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The similarities between Kim Jong Un and Big Brother

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Anthony Stergiu

on 23 April 2014

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Transcript of The similarities between Kim Jong Un and Big Brother

Crimes and punishment
- Any crimes committed are punishable by torture.
No travel visas are permitted.
North Korea and Oceana
- The country and its citizens are isolated from all other countries across the world.
Citizen treatment
- Citizens are monitored at all times by telescreens, thought police and surveillance cameras.
- Crimes are punishable by Kim Jong Il's hard labor camps, that hold over 200,000 people.
North Korea
- No citizens from other countries are allowed inside the true North Korea, although there is one hotel in Pyongyang available to tourists who are monitored at all times by armed guards.
North Korea
- Citizens have a very serious food shortage, and are not given basic necessities.
North Korea
The similarities between North Korea and Oceana
- Posters of Big Brother are all over Oceana, the citizens must worship him. The citizens must love him.
- Always a shortage of something.
- Citizens "Vanish" when they commit "crimes" against Oceana. They are either killed, sent to Gulags, or Labor camps.
- Country wide radio broadcasts are played each morning at 6 am every day telling the citizens "how lucky they are to live in North Korea"
- Citizens are sent to prison camps to be tortured, starved, and killed if they commit a crime. A crime like sitting on a newspaper that has Kim Jong Un's photograph on it can be punishable by death, prison camps, or more.
- Pictures of Kim Jong Un are all across North Korea. He is worshiped as a greater being.
- Leaving Oceana is not allowed.
- No citizens from other countries reside in Oceana.
- Purposely isolated to ensure citizens dont see the similarities between nations.
- The citizens are unable to leave the country
- Each household in North Korea contains 2 pictures. One of Kim Jong Il and another of Kim Il Sung. These pictures must be kept in perfect condition, worshipped, and cleaned. Armed forces check houses regularly to ensure that they are well kept.
- There are no markets, cell phones, or internet in North Korea.
- The U.S. Commission on international freedom reported in 2005 that "There are no personal freedoms in North Korea"
- There are no personal freedoms in North Korea. Any and all liberties are a "threat to the regime"
- Radios are placed in each household. The radios cannot be turned off, only turned down.
- The year in North Korea is not 2014, it is 103. This is because North Korea doesn't measure time by the birth of Jesus Christ, they measure it by the birth of Kim Il Sung.
- Kim Il Sung is still the president of North Korea, even though he died years ago.
- The party can make the accused admit to any crime they wish through torture.
- The accused are either imprisoned, sent to hard labor camps, or vaporized.
- The Party has full control over the population.
- Literacy in North Korea is defined as the ability to write "Kim Il Sung"
- 400,000 - 1,000,000 North Korean political prisoners have died of starvation, torture and execution since the camps were set up in 1972. Some of these executions were even done in gas chambers.
- There is a crime called "guilt by association" where the guilty and sometimes up to its next 3 generations of family members are held in labor camps from birth until death.
- Some crimes can earn "execution by mortar shell" where they killed by being hit directly with a mortar shell.
No out of country tele-communication is permitted
No internet is permitted
Almost all crimes are punishable by death, torture, or hard labor
All history is revised.
All media is censored
- 1/3 children in North Korea are malnourished
Nobody is free
- Every 5 years North Korea holds a vote on who will be the next ruler, there is only one candidate on each ballot.
- North Korea sells its own citizens into slavery to work in Russian logging camps.
Thanks for watching
gold star
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