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Phineas Gage

Phineas Gage's story

Erik Nakamura

on 22 December 2010

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Transcript of Phineas Gage

GAGE A young man, standing a tad less than six feet tall His doctor determined he possesed an iron will, as well as an iron frame. (about average in his times) A railroad foreman, in charge of laying down the tracks on which America runs He would spend most of his day tamping charges of blackpowder into holes in rock. He worked hard and was a good person. Phineas did not die. `

Phineas seemed to be completely unfazed. The name of the doctor that came to Phineas's aid was
Dr. Harlow. In those times, medicine was not a highly developed practice, and infection was unheard of. Dr. Harlow cleaned the wound with water and heavily bandaged his face. Phineas's work man brought him to the nearest town, Cavendish, in an ox-cart.Phineas's work man brought him to the nearest town, Cavendish, in an ox-cart. Phineas was then brought to a local inn and laid down on the porch. When the doctor got to the scene, he found Phineas on the porch telling people what had happened to him. He told Phineas to stay in bed and a nurse cared for him. Dr. Harlow was not trained in severe head trauma. Infection Phineas was very prone to infection at the time. During the time of his accident, people did not know about bacteria and infection. The wound through his face and head was a perfect place for bacteria to grow If the bacteria had grown, he would have been dead in a matter of days His doctor announced Phineas had made a full recovery within one month of the accident. Dr. Harlow was wrong Modern Concerns Of Dr.Erik I would put Phineas into immediate surgery to stop any bleeding and to reconstruct his skull. After Phineas's full physical recovery I would put him into physical and mental therapy. I would put Phineas on high doses of antibodies. This would control his infection pro blems. I think Phineas would probably have to be assisted twenty- four hours a day after the accident. Modern science could save Phineas's life. But he might not have gotten as lucky as he did 160 years ago. His workmen found him on the ground... feet away from where the explosion occurred. One day on the job... Phineas's tamping iron slipped and fell into a hole packed with black powder. And then: The tamping iron had been shot straight through his head. BANG!. Phineas died 11 years after the acsident at age 36.
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