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Join the World

A short description on how to change the world.

Nizar AliVirani

on 22 April 2011

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Transcript of Join the World

Welcome to our society. Hey. How are you doing? You will be judged on what you wear, which music you listen to, what you look like, how you act, who you hang around with, and on practically every other personal trait and imperfection about you, and you’ll be made fun of for being who you are. Now there are two paths which you could take... Let's take a walk down Reality,
shall we? Will you take the path
of popularity and injustice? Or the path Ghandi, MLK, Jr., And Malcolm X walked on? Will you travel down the road of greed and dishonesty? Or will you live a humble life with honesty and dignity? It's your choice. Only you can turn your life around Cause if you want to change the world
You have to change yourself first So open your eyes to the real world. This is what it's all about Read the Words. Ponder the Thoughts Live the Post. a site by Nizar AliVirani One person can't change the world... But 7 Billion Can. Not to change the world... But to bring it together. livethepost.wordpress.com LIVE IT. This is reality. Want to fix it? Join the World jointheworld.co.cc
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