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Fashion Marketing- Presentation

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on 26 September 2016

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Transcript of Fashion Marketing- Presentation

To use story telling will be easier
in people's mind
Customers prefer to experience a brand through stories told by that brand

"The supermarket concept is brilliant as it put fashion into real life."
California, US
Sales communication
Communication research
The importance of environmentally friendly

The relationship between customers and eco-product

Concept, history, aims and the approaches to achieve these aims of Ecoluxe

The performance about products from Ecoluxe in eco-friendly yield

The transparency of the practices and the impacts on environment and society

(BSR.org 2008)

(Green index: Greenhouse gas emissions; recycled content; use of chemicals )
Thursday, March 27, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Ecoluxe London X Patagonia
L'Odyssée de Cartier
Simply give us your clean, worn-out garments
Patagonia Bike
None emission
Giving Coupon after donation
Sustainable Times
Karl's daily story : Chanel’s Supermarket Chic 2014
Fashion Research
The imagination of Karl Lagerfeld's daily life

He created the entertaining image of doing his weekly food shop for us in his vast supermarket with shelves stacked with cleverly branded Chanel goodies.
Consumer Trend
Sublime, Peppermint, Vega
The Three Best Eco-Magazines
Eco-Fashion Trend
Walk from Fashion show into Magazine
The first Ethical Fashion Show, founded by Isabelle Quéhé in 2004 in Paris.
Retailing trend
Modern Myth
Age 30 or above
Well educated
Average salary £73,000
Business leaders, politicians and educationalist
Lived at the edge of city

Retailing trend
Retailing trend
100% British designed and manufactured jewellery brand.
100% recycled metal
Taking inspiration from science and magic.
IZZY LANE is a unique ethical luxury brand established in 2007
It is widely recognized as the leading voice of animal welfare in the fashion industry.
Support British Wool and the British Textile Industry.
Stella McCartney
Effort to be a sustainable and ethical company.
All Stella McCartney stores, offices and studios are powered by renewable or green energy.
Exploring new eco materials and processes.
Support International Trade Center's Ethical Fashion Program.
communication research
Conlin, M. 2014. PR Tips For Green Entrepreneurs - Ecopreneurist. [online] Available at: http://ecopreneurist.com/2008/01/22/pr-tips-for-green-entrepreneurs/ [Accessed: 25 Mar 2014].

Eco-promising. 2014. [e-book] https://www.bsr.org/reports/BSR_Eco-Promising_April_2008.pdf [Accessed: 25 Mar 2014].
Psychographic Segmentation
Modern Myth
Zen-like environment
Mindful living

Lifestyle and Values
Healthy Food
Global news and Radio
Mindfulness Art Exhibitions

Modern Myth Customer Profile
Modern Myth
New York Fashion Week launched its first Eco Fashion Week in 2009.
The first official sustainable-fashion show at London Fashion Week took place in 2010.
iPhone 5s
Leica Camera
Bang & Olufsen
Branded make up
Skin care products
Fashion Brands

Dolce & Gabbana
Jil Sander
Multi-channel retailing
connect with users on multiple channels

give customers the ability to interact and complete transactions on their own terms
Click and collect service
IPads across Oasis’ stores

Users have the option to try an item on in store, and then order it online and have it delivered

Staff is helpful for checking size.colour or unavailable style through IPad
Shoppers will get more personalized in-store experiences
Special experiences at Salon
Master class of Jaeger-Lecoultre provide the opportunity for its client to learn the process of assembling and disassembling the Reverso Calibre 986
Go behind the scenes
Hermes gives the chance to take a look how the iconic bags are made from start to finish
"Festival des Metiers": craftsman of Hermes display and explain the process of constructing "Kelly" bag
Cultivating relationships
The Products
Say goodbye to pushy sales people who follow shoppers around

Staff dedicate to give advice. solve problems and build relationship

Staff provide tailored advice and shopper-specific offers.
Positioning Map
Research for the latest Eco
Recycle & Bicycle
Earth Day
Modern Myth

Events Location
In the heart of West London
Many of tourist
Gathering of street artistes
Business diversity events
Available space

Patagonia, Inc
Events location
Sloane street
Covent Garden
Focusing mainly on high-end outdoor clothing.
1% For the Planet
Common Threads Recycling Program
1. Iconic shopping area
2. Enormous economic value

The reason why we don't choose
1. It is more suitable for high street and luxury brands (High cost for setting)
2. The main customers on Regent street are upper-class shoppers and tourists; not appropriate for eco-campaign.
Events location
Westfield in Stratford
1. Famous shopping mall
2. Various choices
The reason why we don't choose
1. Available area for shopper is limited
2. It is not located in central London

1. A worldwide environmental protect activity on April, 22.
2. The purpose is creating a sustainable environment
3. Related events: plant trees,running, earth exhibition, cultural performances, and government-sponsored activities
2012 Cartier advertising

Technology in store
Expand business to Russia
Elegant Cartier goddess
Paris peace Road headquarter
"The supermarket concept is brilliant as it put fashion into real life."
Men's watch
designed for
Burberry utilize RFID technology to trigger targeted multimedia content in order to integrate "Burberry.com" and "Brick and mortar"
Indian royalty jewelry re-cut
Ecoluxe London X Patagonia
Recycle & Bicycle
Chinese dragon and Indian
dragon inspired animal series
Eco-Fashion Trend
Pop-up Store
Pop-up Ecoluxe will start on Earth Day (4/22)
Display Ecoluxe's products and explain its sustainable fashion
Encouraging people to donate their worn-out clothing
Giving discount for Ecoluxe's products after donating worn-out clothing
Marketing innovation from other events
Public Relations
Communication research
Join your local green business groups

Viral marketing (email) and press green website

Start blog

Post it to the popular social sites

Get involved on these websites

Read green blogs and comment it

Write for a green publication

Become an active member of the green community online
What they are doing?
1. Event start from Earth Day for a month-long
2. Establishing in the heart of business part of New York (Bus terminal)
3. Encouraging people utilize the tube system
4. We collect 30 different types of waste and give the reward (discount)

Communication strategies
Lifestyle and Values
Healthy Food
Cooking Lesson
Global news and environment
The Green Expo

Eco-luxe Customer Profile
Marketing innovation from other events
World Naked Bike Ride Day
Cooking Lesson
Age 30-50
Well educated
Average salary £50,000
Business managers, environmentalist & educationalist
Lived at city down town

Fashion Forecasting
1. Started from 2004 in Canada
2. Events will be hold in London. New York. Paris etc.
3. The goal of event is against the dependent of oil and gas.
Create & Engage in Social Media Dialogues
To generate exposure in green organizations
Achieve more close relationship with global eco festival
Psychographic Segmentation
Against animal testing
Ethical Concern

iPhone 5c
Mack Book Pro
Canon Camera
Organic make up
Skin care products
Eco-luxe Brands

The Products
Thank you
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