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Civics Summative - Global Citizenship In Action

Global Poverty

Nausheen Cheese

on 6 April 2013

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Transcript of Civics Summative - Global Citizenship In Action

I have researched the issue Global Poverty. The WPW is very successful and last year they raised $6.2 million across Canada to go towards helping alleviate poverty and build sustainable solutions. Civics Summative - Global Citizenship In Action

By: Nausheen What is Global Poverty?

It is the shortage of common things such as food, clothing, shelter and safe drinking water, all of which determine the quality of life. Global poverty is most critical in Sub-Saharan Africa. The green highlighted area is Sub-Saharan Africa. Global poverty has persisted for over half a century. Impacting the environment:

because of poverty, there is no money to pay for pollution control equipment.
this results in pollution created wherever there is poverty.
when trees are cut down to help feed themselves, it becomes an unsafe environment because there is less oxygen to breathe in.

Impacting population:

many more diseases may occur and this is a large threat to human kind and the population of the country.

Impacting anything/anyone else:

crime would increase because everybody needs food and water
this results in a unsafe society and affects everybody in general. There is a cost to stop global poverty. For an effective improvement in the situation of 20 of the poorest countries, it would cost 5 billion dollars – equivalent to the cost of building Euro Disney. Causes of global poverty:

world hunger
demographics and social factors
health care
environmental factors World Hunger:

When people do not have anything to eat and no where to live, poverty occurs. Economics:

When there is recession, the poverty rates always go up and average income and poverty are connected.
This results in the higher the poverty rate, the lower the income. Governance:

When the government does not provide enough food and shelter for everybody in the country, poverty occurs. Demographics and Social Factors:

Is another cause that occurs because of crime, overpopulation, war and discrimination. Health Care:

Everyone has limited access to affordable health care. Diseases such as HIV and Aids overwhelmingly afflict the poor African nations. Environmental Factors:

It is also a cause as erosion and the geographic factors such as access to fertile land, fresh water, minerals, energy and other natural resources are limited to many people. Different organizations are involved in maintaining global poverty with all their generous donations received by people worldwide. No one in particular has created global poverty but as I have mentioned before, there are many causes of global poverty. There are many organizations that are trying to eliminate global poverty by raising awareness and money.
People around the world are also donating to various organizations to help stop global poverty. In some cases people do not know how to end global poverty because it is so severe in some countries.

Many organizations regarding global poverty are also building schools and health care centers in extreme poverty areas to make sure each person gets the appropriate health care and a proper education. The efforts to make change in many countries are not so effective because global poverty is worldwide and it is still a big issue.
In some countries, it is slowly decreasing because of the efforts of many organizations and donations given worldwide. There are over 10 different organizations involved in ending global poverty. I have chosen the organization World Partnership Walk holds a walk every year in various cities across Canada between May and June to show the end of fundraising and to celebrate our achievements. 100% of funds raised are used by Aga Khan Foundation Canada to help alleviate poverty and build sustainable solutions in the poorest regions of the world.

Other things that the AKFC do with the funds are:

support meaningful projects for local communities
projects that revitalize rural economies,
ensure clean water and sanitation
strengthen community based organizations
educate new generations of girls, boys, women and men The government of Vancouver and many other governments in Canada support the WPW and give gracious donations.

Last year Stephan Harper had promised to match all the donations collected in Canada. It is very easy to become involved in this issue. Firstly, you can either
create or join a team
register as an individual
involve your company
or sponsor a participant

Their website is www.worldpartnershipwalk.com After you are registered, you are mailed a fundraising book and you can immediately start fundraising or you can also collect donations online by credit cards.

As you can see, it is very easy to become involved and start help to try to end global poverty. You can become very involved by giving donations to participants or creating an account yourself.
After coming out to the walk in May (Toronto) with all their friends, families and colleagues to celebrate your achievements for the fundraiser. I am already involved in this organization/issue since 2 years ago and I am very proud to say I have raised almost $2000 in total over the past 2 years. Everybody should be a part of this issue because it is very important and it is so easy to get started and raise a lot of money.
Every $250 you raise, it helps one family.
Also on the day of the walk you receive prizes for how much you raise, and the top fundraisers receive bigger prizes and recognition. Before I got involved in this issue, I thought I could not make a difference on my own. But I later learned that I can. The best part is when you ask for donations, there is no minimum or maximum. So your sponsors can give you as little or much as they want. I hope everybody will become involved in this issue and make a difference.
Thank you for listening to my presentation on Global Poverty! :)
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