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Types of Media

Level 2 Cert in ICT

Adonis Walmsley-McCarthy

on 12 January 2017

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Transcript of Types of Media

Types of Digital Media
What do we mean by media?
... all the different methods that are used to store or convey a
Think of some examples of things that can store/convey a message.
Still images
Still images
do not move
maybe edited digitally
usually 2d, but can convey 3d perspective
usually graphical, but can contain text
one key use of images is in advertising (see example)
information is provided to get the reader to see the film, buy a product etc....

Activity - Create at least one slide to describe still images as a form of media
Tell me what it is, give written/pictorial examples
Explain the purpose
often uses real footage
can also be combined with computer generated images (CGI)
video is captured with a camera by means of a lens
can be edited later with software (Windows Movie Maker)

still images that are made to appear as moving images
They can be computer generated, hand-drawn or made from models
a representation of somthing in the real world, created by a computer
examples may include - flight simulation, chemical reactions, organ functions
Why bother with simulations?

Activity - Create at least one slide to describe video as a form of media
Tell me what it is, give written/pictorial examples
Explain some purposes
a cost-effective way to try-out different scenarios that would be too expensive, or too dangerous to do otherwise
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