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Copy of 5 themes of Geography

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JackieXarius Echon

on 2 October 2013

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Transcript of Copy of 5 themes of Geography

Randy Chung
Five Themes of Geography
Location - tells you where one thing is in relation to another

Absolute location: absolute spot or exact spot

Relative location: not an exact location
period: 5
Place - tells you what a location is like.
places have human and physical features. Most places are changed by natural disasters (earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes) and some are changed in climate.
Human-Environment Interaction
Regions - have some sort of characteristic that unifies the area.
Regions divide the world into units for geographic study.
Movement - way of people ,products, information and ideas can move from one place to another
Human-Environment Interactions - this theme tells you how humans adapt and modify the environment.

Humans can shape the landscape through their actions with the land. This can have both positive and negative affects.
Human-Environment Interactions
The End
Remember the 5 themes of geography:
1). Location
2). Place
3). Regions
4). Movement
5). Human-Environment Interactions
Thanks for watching
Sources: textbook, www.google.com, google images.
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