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Year 8 Tech

No description

Adrian Tsopanis

on 12 September 2012

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Transcript of Year 8 Tech

Adrian Tsopanis Year 8 Graphics For Technology this term we will be designing a swing tag. We will be using adobe illustrator to design it. We will be using Prezi for my presentation. We will be creating two samples of our logo, we will print at home and the other Mrs Hampson will print at school. We also need to have a label for our swing tag. At home we need to create a media folio detailing your design process using the software prezi. Design Brief The limitations for my project are ...
My friends distracting me
Computer problems
Not knowing how to use the software
Missing out on lessons because of excursion or sick
Not asking the teacher for help
This is an issue because it is wasting time and I will be falling behind which is a disadvantage to me and it will be my fault if I don't finish on time Design Limitations A well designed graphic image will be one that has put a lot of time and care in it. It will have detailed and appropriate description on what we are doing. It must Apply a detailed evaluation techniques throughout the project. Criteria for Success Investigating P:People can clearly see what the name of the company
M: They might not like the name of the logo
I: the S is hanging if the J Thinking Undie Dunddies
Jimmy's Jimmy's
Tsopaniswearhouse Logo Names P: You can clearly see the name of the company
M: People might not like the bubble writing J
I The S is also in bubble writing P: All the letters aare in capital letters
M: The name is going down and people might think its to plain
I: It has pyjamas on it P: You can tel it is a clothes company
M: The name is in the clothes
I: It has pyjamas in it P: It is easy to read
M: people might not like the leters cause thir tilted
I: The is a pjama top in it Thinking 2 P: You can see the to letters of what the brand is
M: People might think its to plain
I: There is a little curly bit on the J's P: The J's are big and clear to see
M: People might not like the bubble writing J
I: The and is higher than the J P: there are blocks so its good for kids
M:You can't see what the brand is clearly
I: there are pyjamas in it
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