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Edgar Lopez

on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of SINGAPORE

SINGAPORE Amaya Andrade Zuleima
López Sánchez Edgar fernando
Márquez Manjarrez José Alejandro geography Weather population Languaje english Malay word "Singapura" (lion city) malay chinesse tamil Religion religions in singapore government Singapore is a parliamentary
republic with a Westminster
system of unicameral
parliamentary government
representing constituencies. Infrastructure Roads AIRPORTS 36,7 millons of passenger (2010)
Top 22° bussiest airport in world
Top 6° in Asia. Singapore International airport Container berths: 44--- Quay length: 12,800 m--- Area: 436 hectares--- Max draft: 16 m-
Quay cranes: 143---Designed capacity: 24,700 TEUs---Handled 31.26 million TEUs (2012) Port of Singapore's container facilities are as follows: port of singapore top 5° busiest ports in world Generally, all goods:
records, etc.

imported into Singapore
are subjected to GST
payment for non-dutiable
goods top 3 world quality electronic
pricing Dutiable goods in Singapore
consist of the following items:

a. intoxicating liquors,
b. tobacco products,
c. motor vehicles and
d. petroleum products.

All other products are non-dutiable. Top 5 List of prohibited Goods - Imports 5-Rhinoceros horn, worked, unworked or prepared and worked and powder of this product 1-Chewing Gum 2-Fire crackers 3-Imports from Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Iran and libya 4-Cigarette lighters - pistol/revolver shaped ECONOMIC ASPECTS
Singapore dollar (SGD, S $, $). In 1967 replaced the dollar as legal tender Malay. The currency of Singapore coins of 0.05, 0.1, 0.2, 0.5 and 1SGD. Bills are 2, 5, 10, 50, 100, 500 and 1.000SGD
1 USD = 1,24652 SGD

1 MXN =  0,09766 SGD Exchange Rate Economic Activities 1. - Services account for about two thirds of economic activity finance services business transport 2. - Manufactures represent 26%
of total GDP Prioritizing sectors biochemical pharmacist energetic Industry The main manufacturing industries: petroleum chemicals electronics biotecnology Key Economic Indicators SINGAPORE

GDP (US$ billions) .......318,9 GDP (US$ billions) VS MEXICO

GDP (US$ billions) ...... 1,154.8 accommodation and food supply 2.4 3.6 Information and Communication storage and transportation 8.2 OTHER SERVICES 11.4 insurance and financial services 11.9 services provided to businesses 14.1 wholesale and retail accounted for 17.4 Manufactures 26% GDP composition SINGAPORE MEXICO

49,271 USD 10,153 USD GDP per capita (USD$) vs The Global Competitiveness Index 2012–2013 EXPORTATION (USD$)
Exportation (USD billions)


Rank 9

World participation 3.0% Malaysia 12,2%,
Hong Kong 11%,
China 10,4%,
Indonesia 10,4%,
US 5,4%,
Japan 4,5% Exportation destiny
Petroleum oil
  Phones, including cell
  Electronic integrated circuits
  Computers and parts
  Inks for printing, writing and drawing

Exportation From MX to SNG HOW TO DO BUSINESS WITH SINGAPORE SOME ADVANTAGES -singapore offers for western companies a lot of advantages, specially logistics and financial service as a operation base to get into south east asian countries

-it has 180 banks and more than 100
insurance companies

-the main characteristic of singapore
is the security as in the
business world as in civil life
- some recomendations bussiness negociation is very similar to new york or london

they use a lot the "neet meeting"

you have to schedule business apointments with 3 weeks of anticipation

you have to show a lot of respect

business are spoken in english

sometimes they claim "misinterpretations" to renegociate someting agreed

is difficult to them to say "no", instead of that they use evasive words, a "yes" is interpreted as "we keep negociating" for occidental cultures

they use handshake and inclination for old chinesse people

when they laugh it means tension and nervous more than hapiness

avoid telling jokes

is better if you use chopsticks, they will thank you

you can talk about business in lunch Sentosa. Pulau Ubin Pulau Tekong, Main islands penjing American bold eagle Jurong Bird Park (ornitológic park) paradise bird Flora and fauna
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