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the prince of mist book report

this is my book report on the prince of mist

ethan pombert

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of the prince of mist book report

It starts off as a boy and his family moving to a city
away from their old home for the world war 1.
And when they arrive on a train Alicia Max's
little sister adopts a cat, when they arrive at
their cottage near the beach Max has to go
upstairs and get rid of all the spiders but in
astonishment Max watches the creature eat
the spider in a mouth full.
The next day max meets a friend named Roland, Roland invites max to go swimming around the hull of a sunken cruise ship.
Then when Max goes diving around the hull of
the ship he finds out that the ship's name is the
That night through his window Max notices a walled
garden, the next day Max wakes up early to go explore the walled enclosure it turns out it wasn't what make was expecting the walled garden was full of statues in the shape of a circle with a star in the middle.
The next day Max told Roland all
about the walled enclosure Roland
tells Max to go and see his grandfather
inside the lighthouse.
Then Mr. Cray tells Max a story
about his childhood and a evil
magician named Cain and how he
vanishes into the mist like in city street
ally ways.
The next day Max, Roland,
and Alicia go out in a old
rowboat that Roland bought
off of a fisher man Roland does
all of the the rowing.
Then some type of creature
pulls Roland under the water
Max dives in after him 10 minutes
later they emerge get in to the boat
and head to land and they are all

Max heads home to see that the MR. Cray is at his house
and had been looking in the walled garden except this time
it was empty little did they know that Roland was in great
danger Max rode his bike to the beach shore to find that the outhues is reemirging from its depthes.
For those of you who don't understand this
is the sorcery of Cain the magician.
Time to get emotional because in the end one dies and it is ..... poor Roland.
That concludes my report on the prince of mist
credit is due to:

Below is a picture of the Outhues made in mincraft hope you like it.
Made by Ethan.Pombert
Prezi made by Ethan.pombert
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