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Science Project


Courtney Nicole

on 18 November 2009

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Transcript of Science Project

As you can see I missed a week of pictures, because of the flu. Well its been raining a ton so my plants have PLENTY of water! They grew so much. Now they are about five inches tall! Sustainability to supply with necessities and nourishment Kohlrabi Day 1 - August 22 This is where we planted my wonderful Kohlrabi
Its a little garden on the side of my house. THe research I did said they needed full sun and high PH levels. So Guess what! We used horse manure as a fertilizer. It was gross but it worked so..... Day 11 - August 2 Yay! Sprouts! I felt so accomplished! They are only 1 inch tall right now, but hopefully i can keep them alive long enough to finish growing... Day 14 - September 5 My plants are still growing! And they are growing fast! In three days they have grown over two inches! Wow hopefully they continue to grow like that! If they do then I will have dinner in no time! Day 22 - September 13
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