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Mila Petrovic...

No description

on 10 October 2013

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Transcript of Mila Petrovic...

Mila Petrovic...
My interests...
The arts- Since I was a little kid I was interested in art. I loved to sketch and paint. I didn't draw random stick people...I drew masterpieces! As I grew older, I started liking pottery and cartooning. So I took classes and practiced my artistry. Another thing I enjoy doing plus I'm good at it, is acting. I love performing plays and making my own.
Other things- I love cooking(I'm good at it too)! Whenever I feel sad or angry I cook, cooking calms me down. Every day I watch cooking shows and pick up tips from there.
Fishing is the thing I ace! If my family goes fishing without me..they won't catch anything. I've been fishing since I was 4 years old and I keep on getting better and better!
Languages, Serbia
I speak 3 languages: Serbian (my first language), French and English. I also speak a bit of German and can understand a couple of languages: Bulgarian, Russian, and Macedonian.

Continuation of interests:
My name is Mila. My background is Serbian, but I was born here in Toronto, in St.Joseph's hospital May 29.2001 to mum (Sanja Orlovic) and dad (Aleksandar Petrovic).
I have 1 younger sister Brana. She is HILARIOUS, nice (sometimes CAN be very annoying) and impressively smart.

I love to visit my country! Most of my family is there, My grand-parents, aunt, uncles, cousins... It is sooo much FUN! Our country, music, people, food, tourist attractions and more, are AMAZING!!!
Sports- My favorite sport is basket-ball. I really enjoy playing it because it makes me feel strong and confident! I joined the basket-ball team at school in 2012. Our team won the city champions! We each received a golden medal (I don't think it was real gold...).
The first school I attended was Rose
Avenue(JK). My parents decided it would be better for me to transfer to French, I moved to Winchester. I met awesome friends, learned great stuff (I still am) and had great experiences!
Favorite subjects- My 3 favourite subjects are art, gym and science.
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