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ranjit singh

on 13 May 2015

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What is the global issue about?
Is Canada helping? if so, how and why is Canada helping if not, should Canada get involved?
The executive director of the canadian apparel
federation said the canadian government may want to demand countries such as Bangladesh " make meaningful improvements in working conditions" and exchange for continued duty free entry of Bangladesh exports
what could happen if no one helps?
What organization, if any, is providing?
Loblaw acknowledged its involvement in the plant, in a move that was praised by workers rights advocates. The company expressed its condolences "to those affected by this tragedy," as it awaited an update on the situation from local authorities, its spokeswomen said in an e-mail.
Loblaw wasn't alone to step up to the plate. Another company with Canadian connections to the plant is primark, a major British clothing chain that is owned by an arm of the Weston family, which also controls Loblaw. Primark responded on Wednesday while acknowledging that it produced garments in the collapsed factory.

Is the problem solved? Why or why not?
”In light of the recent tragedies in Bangladesh we recognize that these measures do not address the issue of building construction or integrity. Loblaw is committed to finding solutions. We are committed to taking the necessary steps to make change.”

People would be mad,Joe fresh factories in Bangladesh would\will
be closed down forever. And its a very likely chance of them getting mad because Joe Fresh is a famous company and many people in Banglaesh shop/work at Joe Fresh, so the likely chances are that the people are going to be mad if no one helps out.

Joe Fresh Bangalore Factory collapsed
picture of the damage
Joe Fresh factory collapses in Bangladesh, and 236 people were killed in this tragic event. lots of people got severe injures and were also rushed to the hospital
how many people died due to the factory collapsing
More than 7 hundred garment workers have died since the 2005 in Bangladesh, according to the international labor rights forum, a Washington based advocacy
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