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Art and Literature in the 1950's

By Patrick the Great and Emily Tkacik

Patrick Kroll

on 15 March 2011

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Transcript of Art and Literature in the 1950's

Art and Literature in the 1950's By:The Patrick Kroll and Emily Tkacik Science Fiction in the 50's Literature in the 1950

1950's literature was used to give hope to the people. The hope that they had some control over thier lives.
As the time progressed in the 60's, so did the topics in books.
Science Fiction became a major genre of literature. Many of the Sci-Fi greats made their begginings in the 50's such as: Asimov, Bradbury, and other classic authors began their literary careers in the 50's Art in the 1950 Pop art became popular in the fifties
Andy Worhal pioneered the movemernt. -He was famous for the art on the Campbell's soup can Pop art The 50's gave birth to a new movement in history called 'Pop Art' (examples below) How Literature has changed Literature underwent a change in the 60's. it went from man seeking hope, to sheading light on the racial tension that was going on during the 60's How art has changed Art has changed primarily due to major events such as assasinations and also because of TECHNOLOGICAL aspect.
Since art is the visual expression of ideas, when the ideas changed; the art world did also Genius Justin (Creepy-kid with DucT tape) Genius
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