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Product Promotion

No description

Jakub Głowniak

on 31 January 2016

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Transcript of Product Promotion

The beginnings
The prototype of Cebularz was a round
flat-bread made from wheat pastry. It was firstly eaten on territory of The Middle East. This kind of bread became popular in Poland as Jewish people came to our country during times of King Kazimierz Wielki. They started baking cebularz in Lublin Old Town as the first ones. Then recipe has been spread over the whole region.
EUROPIEK- Bakings of this bakery are known in whole lubelskie voivodeship. It is functioning since 1994. After all this years it achieved label of the best bakery in Lublin for most of the residents.

HALINA- This bakery has definitely the best localization. It disposal the most modern equipment, what makes their bakings really special.

ADAMPOL- It's a quite big bakery, placed in beautiful, small town 12 km from Lublin. Their bakings are really delicious, made with perennial recipies will satisfy clients. Additionally, Adampol Bakery has a lot of transportation to transport cebularz easily to every shop in Lublin.

product promotion
Why promoting something which already enjoys popularity?

Even if something is popular , it doesn't mean that the product is being sold. When it comes to cebularz, firms producing this product can spread regional popularity to other parts of a country. It is also a smart idea how to improve income from tourists.

What advertising/promotion tools should be introduced so that the range of the product will spread?

Special day for a product and promotion by mass media.
The good idea is to create the special day when people will sell cebularz in the city center. This day should be promoted by mass media. After such event people will realize that it is original regional brand and people from other parts of the country will come to taste cebularz.
We decided to carry out a survey about ‘Cebularz’ amongst students of our school.
reaching all of the generations
promoting a traditional product with history that is recognized and protected by UE law
Why Cebularz?
Some of you may ask, why eating cebularz is a good idea. To be honest, there are many reasons to do it :)
'While this dish is very popular in Poland and you can find it in almost every single bakery I had no idea that it comes from Jewish culture and it is actually called “Cebularz Lubelski” after one part of Poland where it suppose to originated from.

“Cebularz” means something with onion… and in this case it doesn’t mean that the onion is incorporated into the bread. It is not an onion bread. After reading many descriptions of this dish it seems like I should say that it is a wheat cake with onion. I’ve decided to call it a flat bread but it is not a bread. The dough is more like for sweet buns or dinner rolls.'
Our product is directed to everyone. Because it is easy accessible, it can be found in any bakery, which made big impact on its popularity within the city. People can buy it on their way to school, work or home. Nearly everyone enjoys this product, which also increases its popularity and can be available for people at all age.
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