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Risks And Hazards In Sport

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on 28 February 2014

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Transcript of Risks And Hazards In Sport

What Is A Risk?
This is a situation involving danger.
What Is A Hazard?
A Hazard is something that could be dangerous to you.
People related risks and hazards
the people related risks and hazards are hazards that are going to be made by people or a hazard that maybe a person.A example of this is if yo are playing football and you are not wearing the correct saftey equiptment than you will endanger yourself(risk) and you could even danger other people(hazard)
Risks And Hazards In Sport
An example would be if a sports hall
had a leak and there was water on the
floor,by playing sports without taking
care of it would be a risk.
An example would be if there was a group of people throwing a javelin all at once in diffrent direction it is a hazard but you can avoid that hazard by lining up an throwing them all in the same direction so that no one gets injured.
Equipment related risks and hazards
It is important that that you make sure the weather is clear because this is a risk it is to wet you can fall,you must al keep notice on the tempreture because this can be a risk playing in to cold or to hot weather.The other one you must worry about is your playing surface this is the most important fact to make your game ssafe because if they is nails in the floor or
the goal is not on properly these can injure
the players.

Environmental risks and hazards
An environmental risk or hazard is a risk or hazard that has been caused by the environment.

an example would be if you played in a sorts hall that was unstable and a beam fell then it would be a enviromenal risk and hazard.if the weather is bad in a sporting game the envirment could not be safe e.g if someone was wearing t-shirt and shorts in cold weather you could get hypothermia or a type of illness while participating in this type of sport.

if the tempreture is bad you could get a heat stroke or worse faint,if the surface was sloped and you were running down hill you could trip and injure yourself easily
Drugs are used in sport to cheat your way to winning.

you could get either banned or arrested for using drugs when participating in sport you can get all your previous medals taken like lance Armstrong.The drug he used was Erythropoietin.He took this to upgrade his preformace enhance his blood cells.
inappropriate warm up and cool down
if you have a inappropriate warm up or cool down you could seriously injure yourself or you could pull a muscle

you do this to increase your breathing and heart rate also your energy.
over training
this is when you train so much that you become weak and have no energy left.this can have a risk on giving you a major heart attack and it is deadly to experince this

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