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The Official Prezumé Tutorial

No description

Prezi David Hooker

on 5 December 2018

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Transcript of The Official Prezumé Tutorial

Let's check the result...
Share it
Be polite
Make it personal
Organize the overview
Brainstorm first
To organize your Prezumé you can start from a blank prezi…
or use one of our three Prezumé templates!
Santa Ana, CA

The Resume of Carl Boyle
California State University
Carl is one of the most careful teacher I've ever met.
Dean at Segerstrom High School
Carl is such a proactive student!
Teacher at California State University
My daughter loves to follow his lessons!
Mendez Intermediate School student's parent
MA, Education
BA, Political Science
Segerstrom High School
2 years
California State University
Administrative Office Assistant
1 year
Chapman University
Mendez Intermediate School
3 years
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The Official Prezumé Tutorial
Type in all of the information that you want to share.
Use Prezi’s integration with Google Search to add images!
Divide it into groups so you can start building your story.
Focus on what’s happening now and start your timeline with the present
Give your prezi a meaningful name and description
Get the view link to your prezi
Check that you’ve set your Prezumé privacy settings to either ‘Public’ or ‘Public & Reusable’
Spread it across your social media networks.
Choose a meaningful metaphor to organize your information
as a timeline
a map if you travel a lot
or something that relate to the job you do
as a desk, maybe your desk
a whiteboard if you are a teacher
Present a well-structured vision of your career so far from your first path point
Keep it simple! Highlight only the most important things
You can order your path point whenever you want
Treat your presume like a real-life introduction
You are guiding the viewer through a journey, so don’t forget to say hello and thank them for their time, like you’d do in person!
Encourage users to share your prezi by adding some text
Now try it yourself!
Create a Prezumé
and reach your career goal!
I'm Carl.
Thank you for watching my Prezumé!
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