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Anglo-Saxon Literature

Anglo-Saxon literature; types; communication; literary devices used

Gabby W

on 3 February 2011

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Transcript of Anglo-Saxon Literature

Anglo-Saxon Literature Major Works
Caedmon's Hymn
The Fates of the Apostles
The Wanderer
The Seafarer
The Battle of Maldon Many major works were poetry
Alliterative: kenning, a metaphorical phrase in place of common noun
"Swan road" instead of "sea" Two types of Old English poetry:
(... and then there is Beowulf) St. Bede's Death Song
"Before the unavoidable journey there, no one becomes wiser in thought than him who, by need,
ponders, before his going hence, what good and evil within his soul,
after his day of death, will be judged." Caesura
Pause in the middle of the verse
"Hwæt! We Gardena " || "in gear-dagum,"
("So! The Spear-Danes in days gone by")
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