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College Search PowerPoint

No description

Lesley Garcia

on 26 October 2012

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Transcript of College Search PowerPoint

College Search PowerPoint BY: Lesley Garcia Location Environment College Expenses Housing San Diego State University •Distance from home ? (travel time & miles) •Public or Private? •Setting (urban, rural, suburban)
•Co-ed, male, female
•Public or Private?
Public 8.8 miles Which would be 14 minutes it is in San Diego •Size of campus (acres) Admission Requirements Activities CSU Fullerton •Distance from home ? (travel time & miles) •Total Enrollment Size Environment •Public or Private?

•Deadline to apply Admission Requirements 5. College Expenses Activities Location CSU Cal Poly Pomona •Total Enrollment •Setting (urban, rural, suburban) Public Urban Environment •Application Fee •Average G.P.A of applicants accepted •% of applicants accepted •Test(s) required (SAT/ACT) SAT 1200. ACT 28 •Deadline to apply November 3oth 3.7 $55 • Types available (dorms, apartments, family housing, etc.) • Any Requirements? • Food plan • Athletics Baseball Basketball Football Golf Soccer Tennis WOMEN'S MEN'S Basketball Crew Cross Country Golf Lacrosse Soccer Softball Swimming & Diving Tennis Track Volleyball Water Polo •Setting (urban, rural, suburban) Public Urban •Application Fee •% of applicants accepted •Minimum G.P.A. •Test(s) required (SAT/ACT) $55 November 30th minimum overall GPA of 3.25 Math SAT: 520 Critical reading: 501 •Tuition •Books & Supplies 6,120 1720 •Size of campus (acres) •Deadline to apply November 30th
•Test(s) required (SAT/ACT)
Average SAT: 500 verbal, 560 math, 1060 combined
Average ACT: 19 English, 22 math
•Minimum G.P.A. 3.0 GPA and out-of-state applicants with minimum 3.6 GPA are eligible regardless of test scores.
•Application Fee $55
Not Impacted Housing
• Types available (dorms, apartments, family housing, etc.)
• Any Requirements?
• Food plan Students 31,597 283 acres San Diego State University received nearly 70,000 undergraduate applications for the 2012 Fall semester The school accepted 14,480 high school seniors and 2,748 transfers with an acceptance rate of 28.7% for the 2011 academic year High School Applicants
High school seniors (incoming college freshmen) will be required to meet one of the following three eligibility criteria:

A grade point average of 3.70 or above, or
A score of 1200 or above on the SAT (math & verbal), or
A composite score of 28 or above on the ACT
Currently enrolled SDSU Applicants
Current SDSU students must have at least a 3.50 cumulative grade point average.
Transfer Applicants
Students applying from a community college or another university must have at least a 3.50 cumulative grade point average. 236 acres •Size of campus (acres) 37,677 The University requires all first-time freshmen outside the SDSU local service area to live on campus. However, requests for exemption from the requirement will be considered. 94.3 mils 1 hour 38 minutes 45% • Athletics •Distance from home (travel time & miles) Size •Total Enrollment 1,438 acres 22,273 Admission Requirements 1 hr 55 min 108 miles near L.A fall 2012 Base ball
Basketball (women &men)
Cross Country
Golf (women & men)
Soccer (both)
Tennis for women
indoor track & field (women)
Spirit Squad http://cpp4me.csupomona.edu/cost-resources/tuition-costs.html http://www.dsa.csupomona.edu/uhs/first_yr_res_requirement.asp http://www.dsa.csupomona.edu/uhs/campus_dining.asp lll http://www.dsa.csupomona.edu/uhs/meal_plans_halls.asp llll All first-time freshmen who graduated from a high school outside the local service area are required to complete a housing contract (Student Housing License Agreement) and pay the initial housing fee in order to be eligible to enroll for classes. Assignments for housing will be based on a first-come, first-served, space available basis. You must be an admitted student in order to complete a housing contract. On the License Agreement, you will have the opportunity to choose one of the meal options. Residence Hall students are required to choose either the 19, 14, or 10 meal option. Meal Plan Housing Athletics Activities Clubs/organizations women
cross country
Track & Field
Volleyball men
cross country
Track and Field Links they have so may Clubs/ Organizations High Speed Aircraft Club
Hiking Club
History Club
Hong Kong Student Association
Impact Movement
Imports at CPP
Indian Student Association
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Institute of Industrial Engineers
Institute of Transportation Engineers
Inter Fraternity Council
Interactive Web Development Student Association
Interdisciplinary General Education Student Organization
Inter-Hall Council
International Viscera Cooler Club
Inter-Tribal Student Leadership Council
Islander Culture Organization Clubs_and_Organizations_List THANK YOU!
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