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Google Books Library Project

No description

Monika Kaliciak

on 12 May 2016

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Transcript of Google Books Library Project

In 2002 Google began to scan millions of books to create giant, global library.
Google Books Library Project
Great Encyclopedia or an Universal Dictionary of Arts and Sciences
Partners of the Project
Columbia University
Harvard University
University of California
The New York Public Library
Oxford University
Princeton University
Stanford University
The Library of Alexandria
Google Books Library Project
Hurricane Katrina
Destroying National Library of Cambodia - 1970s
Google and The World Brain
Thank you for your attention! :)
University of Michigan
University of Virginia
University of Texas at Austin
University Complutense of Madrid
The National Library of Catalonia
Keio University Library
Bavarian State Library
Google scanned around
10 mln

6 mln
of these were books in copyright – scanned without asking authors’ permission
fair use
- the doctrine that permits limited use of copyrighted material without asking permission from the rights holders
library or bookstore?
The Authors Guild
Association of American Publishers
separately sued Google in 2005 for its book project, citing massive copyright infringement
Finally after paying
125 mln $
Google riched access to sell scans of all out-of-print but in-copyrighting works.
November 2013
Google has won a resounding victory in its eight-year copyright battle with the Authors Guild
Google Books provided significant
public benefits
and it advanced the progress of the arts and sciences
Conspiracy theory
Herbert George Wells
and in his essay
“World Brain
” - 1937 - higher form of intelligence
vision of the World Brain: a new, free, synthetic and permanent
"World Encyclopedia"

the best use of universal information resources and make the best contribution to world peace
Google aim is to achieve a monopoly and
every move of its users?
during our activities on Internet and enjoying books available in Google, this corporation collects information relating to us!
it reminds everything what Wells wrote in his science fiction many years ago
Google Search Book
which improve idea of Google Books Project
possibility of creating your own library where they can add books scanned by Google and which are your
and important publications
Google Search Book
facilitates searching book which you are going to find
that Google Book Search is
, so this is not only noble idea but also project which increases Google's
users are more elated in case when they look up to something in Google search and they
automatically get title
of the books which are connected with topic their search
Ratzinger effect -
when Raztinger was elected to pope, millions of people were looking for pharse “Ratzinger” in Google search. These internauts despite websites, found links to books from Book Search
April 2013
- the number of scanned books was over 30 million, but the scanning process has slowed down...
Monika Kaliciak
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