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Bridging Conversation - Lesson 1 Module 2

No description

Megan Reed

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Bridging Conversation - Lesson 1 Module 2

Bridging Conversation - Lesson 1 Module 2
A Land Remembered
I am sure some of you have adjusted your descriptive words a little after viewing the clip. We are now going to read an excerpt from Patrick D. Smith’s A Land Remembered. While reading I want you to underline or make margin notes focusing on our three areas on the content frame. Use the letter T for transportation, the letter A for accommodations and the letter L for land. (Make a key on your article) We will use these notes to add to our Content Frame and for discussion. (Handout 1A)
Setting Purpose
As we watch the video and read the text, I want you to focus on the three categories within your Content Frame and get a feel for what Florida was really like prior to its development.
Content Frame
Now I want you to return to your content frame and write a descriptive summary statement using the information we have discussed and the photographs you have viewed.
Write a 2-3 sentence statement summarizing how the state of Florida looked prior to its development in regards to the land, transportation and accommodations. Write this on the back of handout 1A and turn in for a grade.

Building Background Knowledge
• Today we are going to take a look at a video clip showcasing the state of Florida prior to development and read an excerpt from Patrick D. Smith’s A Land Remembered. Before we begin, I want you to look at the Content Frame we are going to use.(Handout 1A) The frame is split into two sections. Down the left side you will see sections for transportation, accommodations, and land. Across the top you will notice two columns, “before reading” and “after reading”. With a partner you will be given three minutes to come up with words that describe what you imagine Florida was like before it was developed in regard to the 3 categories. Write your words in the “before reading” column. The focus here is to only use words, not lengthy sentences. Be sure to provide answers for all three categories.
objective: Students will be able to visualize Florida prior to its development.
Add new information to your content frame
Class read aloud of A Land Remembered
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