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Easy to use!

No description

Joanne Bloomfield

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of Easy to use!

Inventory is managed with a simple handheld 2D scanner and posts payments through either cash-and-carry or electronic claims adjudication to most PBMs, insurers and other third party payers.

DispensePoint can automatically source the best price from multiple AB-rated generic manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors.
How does it work?
What is DispensePoint?
Easy to use and install!
Loved by patients!
Optimize Profitability!
Low Initial Investment!
A sophisticated, cloud-based, enterprise level point-of-care dispensing solution that works for practices and groups of all sizes.
All Practices/Specialties
Medical Homes
Coordinated care models
Urgent Care
PBM Benefit
Workers’ Compensation
Patients love the convenience of point-of-care dispensing.
DispensePoint is also for your patients!
DispensePoint works for practices of all sizes; from single site, to multiple location practices, to health systems, ACO mangers, 340B managers, in plant clinics and beyond.
Who is it for?
State-of-the-art, cloud based, enterprise level technology allows DispensePoint to integrate into nearly all EMR systems through our eRx certified system.
DispensePoint is incredibly easy to install and quick to operationalize over a large platform.
DispensePoint allows you to customize your point of care dispensing system to suit the specific needs and formulary of your practice.
Fully compliant with IT, healthcare security and privacy requirements -- DispensePoint delivers total peace of mind.

What sets us apart?
For Health Insurers, ACO and other medical management companies.
More revenue
End-to-end service
Better results
Enhanced patient engagement
Easy to implement & operate
Custom formulary
Minimal initial investment
Physician Practice Group Platform
Point-of-care dispensing ticks all the boxes.
Improved Compliance
Enhanced reporting
Lower cost
MSSP/MU Compliance for Incentive Payments

For Groups
Better outcomes
Safer prescriptions
Ensured point-of-care compliance

3 out of 4 patients would prefer to pick up their meds at the doctors office.

For Patients
For Practices
Optimize Practice Revenue
Receive MSSP Incentive Payments
Meaningful Use Phases I and II Payments
Better Patient Outcomes
Enhanced patient satisfaction & engagement
Easy to implement & operate
Customized or Open Formulary
Minimal initial investment

Why dispense?
Keeps your focus on the “80/20 Rule” by actively managing inventory through DispensePoint

DispensePoint works for practices of all sizes because …
DispensePoint allows the physician to combine mail service with medication therapy management programs, potentially providing greater revenue opportunities.
DispensePoint gives the physician greater control when patients receive and start medication therapy. Refills can be based on scheduled office visits or through affiliated mail service and medication therapy management programs; whatever suits the practice or patients’ needs best.
We believe point of care dispensing and medication compliance & adherence are best managed by a physician.

It's easy to use – removing many of the challenges and barriers found in other systems

Has a very low Cost Start up and Fast Recoupment
It’s easy to Implement

Physician Focused Dispensing

Flexible payment methods
Third-Party Claims Adjudication
Workers comp
Inventory Management
Financial Management and Reporting
PMP/Controlled Substance State Reporting
Meaningful Use Criteria and other Regulatory Requirements
Label Printing
E-Prescribing Certification at the Code Level
Seamless, Secure Systems Integration
Does it all!
DispensePoint is a full dispensing solution or SaaS platform
for practices and groups of all sizes.
Cloud Based
Enterprise Level
HIPAA Compliant
Robust Reporting
Credit Card Security Issues Avoided Through Parallel Office Processes
Accounting Integrity
Highest Level Control Environment
Minimizes Dispensing Errors
2D Bar Coding System - from packing slip to dispensing - Controls Accuracy

Full turn Key Physician Dispensing Solution
Error-free physician dispensing
Will it fit your needs?
The Software
Here are just some of the reasons to dispense.
Compatible with other wholesalers and repackagers
DP can connect with PTC or your preferred vendor through its VendorSitus
Easy to connect to web service.
DispensePoint meets and complies with all IT security standards and protocols making it 100% compatibility with ‘hospital’ systems. It also benefits from state-of-the-art encryption systems making it a rock solid platform that will keep your data safe and your servers glitch-free.
x.509 Certificate Server Authentication

Secured Socket Layer communication

Application signed with cryptographic key

Discrete accounts per site/inventory location

Permissions based application accessibility

Obfuscated data keys

A true pharmacy partner.
We listen and work with you to optimize your in house dispensing needs
We’re obsessed with customer service
We provide dedicated account Management
The system provides monthly reporting – with an executive summary.
DispensePoint provides physician practice groups of all sizes with a low cost, scalable and fully integrated ordering, inventory management and claims adjudication system that merges seamlessly with your existing EMR system.
DispensePoint also provides your practice group with standard and customized reporting capabilities to manage every aspect of your dispensing program.
Through our dashboard a practice may analyze multiple data points, including;

By doctor
Practice group
Prescription drugs dispensed vs. prescribed
DispensePoint also keeps the business in mind providing access to many financial based reports, including;

Claims paid data among multiple payors in a coordinated benefit
Coupons accepted
Cash paid by the patient
DispensePoint can be employed on an enterprise-wide basis, providing health systems, accountable care organizations (ACOs) and large physician networks with managed pharmacy programs. These programs can increase physician per patient profitability by approximately 35% on a standard office visit.

DispensePoint combines with customized care plans, disease (or other) carve out programs which can result in even greater improvement in outcomes, greater compliance and lower health care costs.
DispensePoint partners with PBMs and third party administrators to create costs containing point of care pharmacy programs - large employer groups (point of care ambulatory or in plant)
With the right number of physicians, we can also set up direct from manufacturing capabilities, providing even greater profitability through lower drug acquisition cost.
DispensePoint’s clinically oriented staff will assist with the development of customized formularies that focus on delivering optimal patient care via the most cost effective route.
Improved Compliance Enhanced reporting Lower costs
Formerly known as Physicians Total Care, we transformed our system and team in 2012 and became the newly imagined DispensePoint
We have been the leader in point-of-care dispensing solutions since 1986
We are a fully licensed drug wholesaler & repackager
We’re obsessed with customer service!
DispensePoint is proprietary – no third party vendor support issues
Seamless integration with our or other wholesalers
Customer service and Support – unrivaled in market
“Chain” Status with PBMs and other insurers
Highest Drug Safety Standards and Controls/2D Bar Coding Control System
Unsurpassed Systems Integrity (accounting & OSX; security; HIPAA)
We meet you for quarterly meetings
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