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The Last Rainforest

No description

Heidi Astridge

on 11 December 2014

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Transcript of The Last Rainforest

Plot Summary
FernGully;The last rainforest is a movie about Crysta and a guy named Zak. Crysta is a fairy who accidently shrinks Zak. Zak tells Crysta all about why he was in the Rainforest. Zak is from a logging company who are cutting down the Rainforest. Crysta and her Fellow fairies are working hard to protect there homes!

Pips is one of Crysta's fellow fairies.Pips is a friendly young elf who lives in Old Hi Rise in FernGully. In the beginning he was in love with Crysta at the beginning of the film, but then as Crysta meets Zak , Pips becomes more jealous and starts to dislike Crysta. After Zak leaves Ferngully and goes back home with his co-workers, Crysta resumes her daily life and once again hangs out with Pips.
Magi is one of the fairies of Ferngully. She is also a motherly figure and teacher to Crysta. Magi was the one who trapped Hexxus into the enchanted tree in ancient times. Years later when Hexxus is freed, Magi sacrifices herself, so she can give her powers to the fairies and Zak. After Hexxus is defeated, Crystal takes Magi's place.
Hexxus is the main villain and antagonist of the film, Ferngully: The Last Rainforest, and is the spirit of pollution and destruction. He feeds off of pollution such as smoke, slime and sludge.
Crysta is a curious young fairy and the main character of Ferngully: The Last Rainforest. The Magical Rescue. Crysta works hard to protect her family and friends in as many ways as possible.
He is first seen by Crysta on Mount Warning working as a lumberjack, spraying the trees that way his boss can know what trees to cut down by the tree. He mistakes her for a bug, trys to catch her, but when he sees her he doesn't notice a tree about to fall on him. So to save him from being crushed she accidentally shrinks him down to her size. But both of them end up falling on to the tree, and Batty saves them from being sawed in half
Hexxus is trying to cut down all the trees. People are spraying red crosses on trees marking that they need to be cut down. This is part of the theme deforestation.
The Community is a bunch of fairies that represent the rainforest in many different ways.m Such as Hexxus representing smoke spirit.
The Last Rainforest
By Heidi And Lara
Batty Koda is a fruit bat that was used as a scientific experiment animal according to him. he managed to escape and went back to the Rainforest.
Character(Batty Koda)
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