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Popular Culture

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Liza Javillonar

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of Popular Culture

In or Out?
Part III
Video Games
Grand Theft Auto V is one of the most highly anticipated video games this year. It was released last September 17. It is very popular for its open world environment, in which players can play the game in whatever they want to play it.

Although trends came and go, leather evolved itself and made a comeback in this season. By pairing leather with other fabrics you can easily transform an outfit’s look. For example, adding leather accents to a classic button-up shirt will add dimension without being too powerful. Really though, leather has always been a classic trend in the fashion industry. Today, it still makes a popular trend as it designers change the way leather is presented. And so since it’s such a versatile material, leather can be worn by a wide variety of people. Modern day industries who manufacture different types of leather allows for a greater access and variety for consumers which contributes to its acceptance.
Bubble Tea
Bubble Tea is a very delicious tea-based drink that contains fruit or milk. It usually is ice
blended and mixed with fruit or syrup, in which resulting of a slushy texture. Bubble Tea varies in flavors, with or
without the tapioca pearls and jelly cubes in which depends on the tea house. Bubble tea is also a very affordable and healthy drink. It varies in flavors
of the consumer’s liking, thus adding points to why it’s a popular drink.

Touch Screen Devices (iPhones, Galaxy S4 ETC.)
The touch screen era started when MAC released their iPhone with touch screen technology. From there, other devises such as the iPod Nano were revised and was eventually made into an iPod with a bigger screen which is of course a touch technology. The touch screen was the biggest factor of the sudden popularity of touch screen phones and other devices. Another factor is that they come with applications that were never made before for example the FaceTime, which is a method of video chatting but through the iPhones, iPods, and iPads.

Gaming Consoles
Gaming consoles such as PlayStation, Xbox, and Wii are one of the most sold electronics in this modern day. They are very popular for the fact that they have the best gaming quality that you can experience, Now that there are many great games that is out in the market such as COD. It is great for playing with other people for fun. Some people even play it to compete. With the help of Wifi, mostly all of the gaming consoles can now connect to other players around the globe.
Popular culture is defined as "what is deemed to be popularly accepted in society". Time is one of the contributing factors that has influenced what we now consider as popular culture. In this modern day, our life is being constantly changed by innovations on technology. Even when we wake up, the first thing we do is check our devices for the time, messages, dates, and all those jazz. So in our fast-paced lives, it is hard to pinpoint what is exactly the mass culture. Keep in mind, we also have our own unique identities that play into part to what we categorize as popular culture.
Phones with the old 3 to 4 letter keypads used to be very popular back in the days. They were smaller in size compared to the smartphones we have today. They were very convenient for texting and calling, but that's pretty much all it can do except for taking pictures which were very low in quality. Those features were the reason why those kinds of phones are outdated. In this busy world, people want to have phones that can multitask, so that it is easier to organize everyday life. They were also very bulky compared to the wide screen smart phones that we have today.
Video Games
shoulder pads
popped collars
2. To what extent is individual identity affected by pop culture?
3.Where in the world has the greatest influence on global pop culture? Provide three reasons and explain.
Walking Dead
Walking Dead is one of the hit series that is highly anticipated by many viewers. It is very popular for its unique horror suspense apocalyptic plot, in which consist of zombies. It is based on the comic series of the same name. Nowadays, zombies are very commonly used antagonist for TV shows, movies, video games, and most especially books.

Studded clothes
The casual style is a classic look that can be worn universally. With the weather cooling up, people are choosing to layer up in order to add dimension to their attire. Studded clothing is especially popular this fall season because it adds more personality over all the layers. Many articles of clothing in the market are now studded, exposing the trend to a wide range of consumers which increases its acceptance in society. So with its growing accessibility and variation, it has become part of popular culture.
The Twilight Series used to be immensely popular among teenagers because of its captivating storyline. Everyone was purchasing copies of this series and tickets for its premier on the big screen. Soon, a large number of people shared a common interest for the series. The series created a large acceptance over the “vampire trend”, and so a number of other similar versions were being created. For example, Vampire Diaries, etc. Soon enough this wide vampire trend was starting to lose its originality. Therefore when Walking Dead came out and the new concept of zombies was introduced the vampire trend became long gone.
Gangnam Style used to be widely enjoyed by many and it had received a great response. It originally started as a song intended for the Korean audience but with its continually increasing hits over Youtube, the song’s popularity extended worldwide. Its catchy beat and unique music video encouraged people to play the song over and over again despite the existing language barrier. But what happens when you have a song continually on repeat? People started to lose interest over Gangnam Style as the trend started to become exhausted through overuse. It simply became annoying and so the release of a new song was greatly appreciated because it provided change and variety.
Sports Illustrated is one of the best-selling magazines, even today. Since 1954, it has been releasing issues to up-date fans with the latest news regarding sports. There is even Sports Illustrated Kids for the younger audience. As a result, it became one of the most highly subscripted magazines as it was greatly accepted in the market. Sports Illustrated is sold in various places from book stores to grocery stores and gas stations. Also, consumers can connect with the Sports Illustrated app through mobile devices or through their website. This makes it convenient and highly accessible for a greater range of audiences as it takes advantage of the Internet’s globalizing force.
Rose gold boyfriend watches
Rose gold boyfriend watches are popular during the fall season for its classy and sophisticated design. It’s a tone down from the classic gold, and thus makes it more casual and wearable throughout the day. Many watches in the market today replicate this design which makes it a commercial product that is widely accessible. Its popularity is growing worldwide, originally starting as an article of clothing for older men which was then adapted for women then to teenagers. With its wide acceptance, designers are creating their own style, increasing the access for consumers and increasing variety by constantly changing and evolving.
Paperback novels have become outdated and old fashioned after the introduction of eBooks. With our now electronically-driven world, a modern and convenient approach to reading that adapts an innovative trend became immediately accepted. Kindle, iBooks, etc. allows you to move from novel to novel without the hassle of stacks and stacks of books. For us, we even have textbooks that we can access from our virtual classrooms. Generally, the popularity of the Internet initiated the widespread access of eBooks for the consumers and so an international acceptance was encouraged with the Internet acting as the globalizing force.

The message conveyed by today’s pop culture greatly affects individual identity by shaping worldview. Pop culture is everywhere in society and as we receive the same messages over and over again; our minds start to incorporate beliefs and values created by the media. Pop culture is created by producers, which is then delivered to a wider range of people who interpret it. This interpretation then relays back to the producers who create yet another thought based on consumer values. As a result, there becomes a uniform way of thinking that has been forced by societal views on pop culture. This collective thinking relays back to individual identity as it touches on a person in greater depth. For example, the iPhone trend started from Apple who promoted the product to the market. Although consumers share some common thoughts, there are still variations on each user’s perspective as they all have their own unique experiences associated with the product. The idea may be the same but the context or background in which it developed from may vary from person to person. This personal interpretation is the result of pop culture.
Though various countries are being promoted over the media, the United States is argued to be the most influential force on global pop culture. The Americans control most of the commercial mass media with transnational companies such as Disney. Today, the US is the biggest producer of pop culture goods. Overall, America’s entertainment industry has thrived worldwide through globalization.
- Transnational Corporations
American transnational corporations shape the images and messages we receive from the media. Companies such as Disney and Warner promote worldwide while expressing American values and beliefs. Much of the favored films in the market are American and even foreign countries are able to enjoy them. If you ask a 5 year old from any country what their favorite movie is, more than likely you’ll find that the film is American which might as well be a Disney film. American transnational companies target the whole audience and overcome borders and thus bringing an influential force on global pop culture.

- Largest Entertainment Industry
America, holding the largest transnational corporations, also holds the largest entertainment industry. This means that they are the largest producer of pop culture goods. So as consumers, we are exposed to mostly American designed products that promote the American identity. This then means that as we go out to do our regular shopping, we are more than likely being influenced by American pop culture.

- The Spread of Globalization
Globalization has helped American pop culture to flourish. As countries become interconnected, they become interdependent. Americans have also relied on this interaction. For example, an American singer distributes his or her songs through the help of foreign companies such as Sony from Japan. And so, global technologies have been an efficient tool for the Americans.

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Pinball used to be one of the many games that
came when you bought a desktop computer. It was one of the first games to be computerized from an actual Pinball machine. It was very fun to play. You get excited when the music plays. It was very enjoyable, but as time passes you get bored since all you do is press the keys and wait for the ball to either fall, get saved by the flaps, or call it quits.
1. To what extent is popular culture affected by forms of media and communication technologies?
Popular Culture is being promoted anytime and anywhere. It can be in your phones or the commercials that is being played on the television. These forms of coverage affects how popular culture gets around. As long as media and communication technology promotes about that certain popular culture, it gets popular to the audience. However once they stop, it is also the end of the popularity of that culture. Another reason is the audience interest, once they think that it's old enough, or not cool anymore, they stop taking interest in it and abandon the culture.
Travel has become one of the many ways to globalize pop culture. When we think of travel, we usually tend to refer it to countries or places that we have never set a foot on. Airplanes are the most popular transportation for this adventure. The Hello Kitty Jet is one of the most popular airplane in this modern day. It is because everything in it is Hello Kitty. Sanrio and Eva Air teamed up for this Hello Kitty Jet. " The always charming Kitty gives travelers a warm welcome, hand-in-hand with her friends and family on both sides of the fuselage. The cheerful display of characters of all shapes and sizes, joining hands the entire length of the aircraft, invites new friends from around the world." -Eva Air.

Newsweek magazine was the second largest news weekly magazine in the US, Time being the largest distributor. The print edition was distributed from New York City to the international market which was translated into 12 global editions. Due its financial problems to keep the production going, Newsweek shifted their focus and audience. Instead of solving their financial problem it resulted a big loss of audience. Last December 31st, 2012 they published their last issue which was #lastPRINTissue.
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