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sanaa bin tooq

on 18 May 2014

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Transcript of Introduction

Reading the case and putting yourself in the role of the product manager, what would your immediate gut reaction be?
Based on your spontaneous immediate decision, can you set out the reasons for your choice?
My reaction towards this situation as a manager at first would be surprised yet curious at the same time.

However, I would not be content of how these young children are working hard on assembling these toys.

Although this company has high quality products with low prices my decision as a manger would be is to find another factory to work with.

The reason for my decision is the children that are working in this situation, and if I agreed to collaborate with this company I would be encouraging child labor.

Where it is against my values because it is labor abuse.

sanaa bin tooq

Ethical Dilemma: producing toys – child's play
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