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Independent reading: Ungifted

No description

Emily Di

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of Independent reading: Ungifted

By Gordon Korman
Genre: Realistic Fiction and Humor
Donovan Curtis
Main Character (Protagonist)
IQ: 112
Donovan is the class clown. He is reckless and impulsive. He has been voted "Most Likely to End Up in Jail" at his school two years in a row. Donovan broke the Hardcastle Middle School infamous Atlas statue, which is the initiating event in the story. As Donovan says,"When the open road calls I take it." He has a 26 year old sister named Katie and his best friends are Daniel Sanderson and Daniel Nussbaum. The "Daniels" are his partners in crime.
The Daniels
Secondary and Flat characters
The Daniels are always there to back up
one of Donovan's stunts, but never stick around
long enough to get in trouble. They love teasing
Donovan about being on the robotics's team.
he Academy Kids
These guys are real geniuses. Unlike Donovan, they actually passed the test to attend the Academy and their IQ's are off the charts.
Chloe Garfinkle
IQ: 159
Dynamic Character
Chloe's dream is to be normal. Her
sky high IQ restricts her. She dreams of
attending a normal middle school and
doing normal kid things like dances and
going to the movies.
How Donovan Impacted Her Life: Donovan gave Chloe a taste of normal, which is what she's always dreamed of.
Abigail Lee
IQ: 171
Dynamic Character
Abigail is not just gifted, she's super gifted.
She freaks out with any grade less than 100%
and has no desire to do anything but schoolwork.
How Donovan Impacted Her Life: Donovan got her to loosen up a bit and see that there are more important things in the world than schoolwork and perfect grades. She even cheated for him on his test so that he could stay at the Academy.

Noah Youkilis
IQ: 206
Dynamic Character
Noah is the smartest kid at the Academy.
He can solve any problem in any subject in the
blink of an eye. But get this: he tries to fail.
He wants to attend a regular school.
How Donovan Impacted his life: Donovan showed Noah YouTube which gave Noah access to the side of the world he's always wanted to be part of.

The rest of the Robotics Team
Headed By:
Oz (Mr. Osborne)

And of course......
The Academy for Scholastic Distinction
Hardcastle Middle School
Katie Patterson
Donovan's Sister
She comes in to the Academy to serve as a hands on model about human growth and development
because she is pregnant.
Freytag's Pyramid
Donovan knocks the globe off the Atlas statue
and destroys the gym of Hardcastle Middle
School. He is accidentally put on the list for the Academy of Scholastic Distinction, a gifted school. He doesn't fit in because he is "ungifted."
He joins the robotics team and is the robot driver because he is fast with a joystick.
The teachers decide Donovan must be retested
because he is failing every subject and
appears very ungifted.
Donovan is declared a hero at the Academy because he brings in his pregnant sister for a hands on health class. Otherwise the gifted kids would have to attend summer school.
The robotics team is forced to operate at the championship meet without Donovan although he is in attendance.
Donovan notices the robotics team is losing because the substitute driver was very weak. He joins the team even though he is not part of it and begins driving the robot.
The robots collide and chaos erupts. Both teams are disqualified from the meet.
It is decided Donovan will take robotics at the Academy and the rest of his classes at Hardcastle.
Donovan is the hero of the Academy. He humanized them and he learned that everyone is gifted in their own way that an IQ test can't show.
The Question is...
Will Donovan be able to prove he belongs at the Academy?
Or will he be sent back to Hardcastle to face his biggest fear of getting caught?
And if he is.....
What will the Academy kids do without him?
Join Donovan and his friends for
a journey of......
And...A school like never before
Experience Donovan and his friends.....gifted and not
As they discover their true gifts and purposes
Read Ungifted By Gordon Korman
This prezi was created by Emily DiSalvo
for her independent reading project for L.A. periods 1+3. I hope you have enjoyed my trailer.
The End!!!!!!

Tin Man!!!
By Emily Disalvo
When the test results show Donovan isn't meant to be at the gifted school, everyone is devastated (even the teachers). He brought life to the school of kids who forgot how to have fun. In his time at the Academy, Donovan had become very popular there.
Read Ungifted
This story is about a boy named Donovan, who is your typical middle school class clown. He destroys the school's statue of Atlas (initiating event) and the middle school gym. He is in deep trouble. He unexpectedly escapes his punishment when his name is accidentally grouped with the list of kids eligible for the gifted school (The Academy for Scholastic Distinction.) Donovan doesn't belong at this school, but it is the perfect way to get out of Hard Castle and his punishment. This story is about how an "ungifted" kid changes the gifted kids.
To discover these final
exciting events!!!!!!!
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