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on 2 March 2011

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Transcript of Presentation Presentation

Presenting For Success At Euro RSCG Aim Why? Who? What? How? Where
When? For Euro RSCG people to deliver excellent and engaging presentations Build confidence
Improve teamwork
Grow existing business
Win new business 1) spiders
2) heights
3) talking in public
4) drowning day course for 6 people aiming to:

boost confidence
improve presentation style
combat nerves
construct an argument and be persuasive
practice presenting as part of a team
utilise presentation tools ensuring that powerpoint slides full of words do not pervade presentations because as soon as you dump a load of words on a screen you are inviting your audience to read them and not pay attention to you or the presentation itself. This is dangerous but so common. If your team is well rehearsed they can talk the slides like human beings rather than invite the client to read in front of them. This way they can maintain eye contact which is the single most powerful presentation tool How much? call me...

David Morris

020 7467 9232 Not much... Big screen
Internet access
Comfortable room Thank you!
- Any questions? Results so far..

Strepsils - win
Catlin Group Ltd - win
BAE Systems - win
British Airways and TOTAL told us our presentations were outstanding MA in Broadcast Journalism
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