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How Your Brain Works

No description

Lauren Birdsong

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of How Your Brain Works

The Lobes!
5 Seperate Lobes
1. Prefrontal Lobe
2. Frontal Lobe
3. Parietal Lobe
4. Occipital Lobe
5. Temporal Lobes
False Motion
What Direction is the Dancer Spinning?
Let me get your attention!
Rub your belly and pat your head
Rub your head and pat your belly
Have you ever wondered why that is so difficult?
today I am going to inform you about the details of our brains!

The left and right brain

the functions of our brains

& the tricks our brains play!
How Your Brain Works
Your Left & Right Side of your Brain
So why is it so difficult to rub your belly and pat your head??

side of the brain controls your
side of your body

side of your brain controls your
side of your body
The Left Brain
Verbal Information
Looks at the pieces first
Uses for logic, analysis, linear, mathmatics, language, facts, think in words, words of songs and computation
The Right Brain
Visual Information
Uses creativity, imagination, holistic thinking, intuition, arts, rhythm, non-verbal, feelings, visualization, tunes of songs, and daydreaming.
The Occipital Lobe
Auditory Cortex & Temporal Lobes
Sound Information
Somatosensory Cortex
Touch Information
Prefrontal Lobe
Smell & Taste
Frontal & Prefrontal Lobe
Train Your Brain!
Lumosity Brain Training
"If you don't use it, you'll lose it!
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