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Music, Politics & Society

No description

Brett Lashua

on 29 September 2016

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Transcript of Music, Politics & Society

Music, Politics & Society
Semester 1
Dr Brett Lashua
Does music matter?
If so, how do we know?
The Sociological Imagination
Lewis (1999): Country songs are 'word movies'
What does the 'popular' in popular music mean?
what makes it popular?
(Storey, 1997)
1. Widely favoured,
liked by many
2. what is ‘
left over
’ once we have decided what
culture is?
3. ‘
mass culture
’, hopelessly commercial, mass produced for mass consumption?
4. from ‘
the people
’ - ‘authentic' folk culture?
a site of struggle
, between 'resistance' and 'incorporation' (Hegemony Theory);
contested terrain
, with dominant groups gaining the consent of subordinated groups, but subordinate groups actively resisting?
- bank of resources, remixed...
that connect personal troubles and public issues:
gender and family issues
drugs, alcohol dependency
crime and corrections
aging, death & dying
poverty & homelessness
class and economic exploitation
the ability to grasp the interplay of
self & society
biography & history
the personal and political
to see the difference between ‘
personal troubles
’ and ‘
public issues

Group presentation (50%)
Essay 2000 words (50%)
10 January 2017
Does Pop Music matter?
If so, how?

Your sociological imagination?
What makes popular music 'popular'?
Next week:
Peterson, R.A. (1990) Why 1955? Explaining the advent of pop music. Popular Music 9(1), pp. 97-116.
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