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Motif Map_Roop

No description

Jaime Roop

on 5 March 2011

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Transcript of Motif Map_Roop

Prezi By:
Jaime Roop Motif: Heroism Theme: Any one can be a hero if they have intelligence, bravery, humbleness, and generocity when a situation presents itself. Bilbo is a hero to the dwarves when he enters Smaug's cave, multiple times. He shows bravery and intelligence. He shows bravery when he enters Smaug's cave, unknowing of what is inside. Bilbo shows intelligence when he has a riddle contest with Smaug and doesn't tell Smaug his real name. Bilbo also proves himself to be generous after the war agianst the goblins is over; he only takes a fraction of his share. Bilbo is brave because he goes alone after all of the dwarves are captured by the spiders. Bilbo shows heroism in this scene where he saves the dwarves from the spiders because he is brave and intelligent. Bilbo is intelligent because he knows that the spiders can't see him so he uses his mind and figures out a way to destract them. Bilbo shows heroism a second time in the book when he saves the dwarves from the wood elves dungeon. Bilbo shows bravery and intelligence. Bilbo shows bravery when he walked around the castle for days, looking for the dwarves and a way out. Also when he steals the guard's keys from his side. Bilbo shows intelligence when he figures out how to get out of the dungeon. Bilbo also shows generocity/humbleness. He shows this when he helps all the dwarves get into thier barrels to escape. He then doesn't have enough time to get in one himself, so he hids with his ring untill the coast is clear. When it is clear, he grasps onto a barrel for dear life as he floats away. The End Another time Bilbo is a hero is when he sneaks into the cave after cowerding in the tunnel with the dwarves. Here Bilbo shows bravery because he does not know where Smaug is and yet he still goes foward. Bilbo shows intelligence when he notices the Arkenstone and decides to keep it for the future. Bilbo proves himself to be a hero when he sneaks out of the cave while they were besieged. He then approached the leaders of the surrounding army and offered them the Arkenstone to help prevent war. This shows bravery because he snuck out of the mountian and infiltraited the enemies camp. He is intelligent in this situation because he knows that Thorin will do anything for that stone. To Thorin, the stone is worth more than a river of gold.
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