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Social Studies Confederation-- Canada East Colony Specifications

Prezi discussing the economics, population, political situation, and etc. of Canada East Colony before confederation.

Fatima Ahmad

on 14 October 2013

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Transcript of Social Studies Confederation-- Canada East Colony Specifications

By: Avani, Fatima, Michael, Faneeza 8LT
Social History- About Canada East Colony (Before Confederation and Decisions of Confederation)
Canada East's Population
->Canada East used to have a population of 890, 261
-> Canada East is now known as Eastern Canada today, and the colony has grown greatly
-> Presently, Eastern Canada has now a population
of 23,082,460, or about 70% of Canada's population
-> Canada East's most important farm products were potatoes, rye, buckwheat, maple sugar, and livestock
Canada East's Defense
-> There was danger that the Fenians (members
of Irish revolutionary) would attack along
the Canadian- American border south and east
of Montreal.
-> Defense was very poor in Canada East with
not many troops to defend the colony
Canada East's Transportation
-> Canada East's main transportation
system: Grand Trunk Railway, and the St. Lawrence
-> Residents of C.East colony used ships and
railways to travel from one place to the other
-> Roads were poorly made to travel on
(lack of construction)
Canada East's Political Situations/ Special Conflicts
-> Equal Representation-- Canada West and Canada East had the same number of seats in the legislature, causing Equal Representation
-> Equal Representation created Political Deadlock,
getting both C.East and C.West to the point where it was
difficult for final decisions to be made of certain
-> Canada East had the danger of Fenian raids
Should Canada East Join Confederation?
-> Alternative-- Canada East should
join the others in Confederation

-- Advantages=>
* Have more support/ more defense,
colonies can work together with political
*Colonies can work together to solve
their own problems

* Majority of Canada East is French speaking- so,
both French and English have striking contrasts
* English may take over French speaking land
What Was Canada East's Economy Like?
-> 80 % of Canada East's residents were farmers/ habitants
-> In Canada East, lumber was the most important resource
-> Canada East was the colony to trade industrial
and farm products
Should Canada East Join Confederation?
-> Alternative-- Canada East should not join the others in Confederation
* Canada East will have no worry to have their land or French heritage taken over by the English

* Trouble solving political problems-> Fenian raids and Political Deadlock---- no support to solve
* No help in defense conflicts
Should Canada East Join Confederation?
-> Alternative-- Canada East should join the United

* USA has preffered markets that can barely be found
in BNA
* Canada East can sell their industrial and farm products

* English speakers-- can take over French-speaking
* Swapped by English- speaking----> French-heritage may be taken away
Should Canada East Join Confederation?
-> Alternative-- Canada East should only join a union of the Maritime colonies

* Work together in farming communities
*Sell industrial and farm products/ trade

* Maritimes has a large political power that can over-master Canada East's
Should Canada East Join Confederation?
-> Alternative--Canada East Should Join Canada West

* Political deadlock between both colonies could be solved
* More defense and support for Canada East

*Language difference
*Striking contrasts-- in religion, culture, heritage, background, etc....
Should Canada East Join Confederation?
-> Alternative Decision:
Canada East should join Confederation

-> It's better for Canada East to join Confederation otherwise they would either be swallowed up by the United States, or the Fenians would take over
-> With all the colonies united together, defense can be grown for Canada East and the rest of the BNA
-> With all colonies coming together and forming Canada, all the colonies can help eachother solve their political problems, since now, BNA works together as one for success, and the need to solve their own and others' problems
-> More trade amongst each-other
-> More railways and better ways of transportation built
Map of BNA- British North American Colonies
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