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No description

Kayli Criswell

on 25 May 2011

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FIRE EXTINGUISHER George William Manby created the official fire
extinguisher in 1813 when it was patent. This is a picture of who we would
soon call a life saver! George William Manby was born November 28, 1765 in Hilgay, England.
He died in Great Yarmouth, England on November 18, 1854. Mr. Manby went to school at Downham Market where he made very little friends.
At the age of 17 he tried to volunteer to go to war but was rejected because he was too small.
At this point in his life he decided to go to college with the Royal Military in Woolwich, England,
and later joined the Cambridgeshire Militia, where he became a Captain. Now Captain George William Manby he served on
many ships of the English brigade.

Captain Manby saw many horrible things like ships
sinking with people in them. Boats being ripped
in half by the sea. Captain Manby was so disguisted at the horrifying sights that he made it a mission to invent things that could help save peoples lives such as the fire extinguisher! This was the first
extinguisher that
is most like what we
use today!

It was considered
a BrEaKtHrOuGh!! Interesting fact:
the first name of the fire extinguisher
was "Extincteur." Captain Manby thought this out very carefully.
To create his invention he needed a copper container,
3 gallons of potassium carbonate, which would all be contained by compressed air. . . . . .in order for all of these componets to work he would need the compressed air to send the potassium carbonate mixed with water, to send a jet stream through a small tube and onto the fire. I would say we owe a lot of thank yous to Captain George William
Manby for his invention of the fire extinguisher.

He went on to continue to invent safety features for fires and
ships all in the name of safety and to save lives!
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