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Resisting Slavery

Enslaved African Americans resisted slavery in many different ways.

Heather Rincon

on 16 December 2014

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Transcript of Resisting Slavery

Taking a Closer look at how slaves rebelled
The Resistance Grows...
Slave Codes: Which rules are real?
What was Slavery Really Like?
A Slave can not hit a White person, even in self defense.
Slaves could not own or sell land.
No Woman Slave can Cut her hair upon punishment of 15 lashes with the whip
No slave Child Under 12 Can Talk to a White person
A White person could spend 6 months in prison for hiring a slave as a store clerk.
If a White person murders a slave they will not be punished and the police will act as though it never happened
It is prohibited for slaves to sing songs of any kind while working in the fields
How Did Slaves Resist These Laws?
Refused to Obey owners
Worked Slowly
Educated themselves
Some Important Rebellions...
Nat Turner Rebellion:

La Amistad Rebellion:
Nat Turner was caught and hung
Shot and clubbed over 60 Whites to death
Rebellion on a Slave Ship!
Slaves took control of Spanish ship
Tried to have ship sailed back to Africa
Spanish captains sail ship into US port
Slaves taken prisoner in U.S.
Africans won in both the district court and the Supreme Court!!!
The Underground Railroad
40,000-100,000 people escaped!!
Free African Americans
1 out of 9 African Americans were Free
Blacks could be recaptured or accused of being a slave
Life still was not easy!
Resistance Leads to More Conflict...
Slave Codes --> What were they?
Nat Turner was a slave from VA
He began believing he was receiving messages from God telling him to rebell
August 1831: led a group of slaves into his master's house...
At 2:00am Turner's group of slaves went into his master's house and killed the entire family as they were sleeping
They then left and went through town killing all white people they encountered and gaining more slaves
Eventually, whites overpowered Turner's group
Almost 200 black men and women were murdered after this attack...most had nothing to do with the rebellion!
January 1839: 53 Africans are captured by Spanish slave traders and put on ship called La Amistad.
Slaves said that since they were free in Africa, and since the Spanish slave traders kidnapped them, and since the slave trade was illegal in NY they should be freed
ruled that the slaves were free men, and ordered them released from prison. He also ordered that the United States government transport them back to Africa.
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