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Be good to yourself

No description

Bianca Lopes

on 8 October 2015

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Transcript of Be good to yourself

Be Good to Yourself - Pg. 68-71
Now we are all grown up. And we are the ones who spoil everyone else… except ourselves! Decide to be a good yourself more often by finding time for some colorful ‘’sugar candy’’ moments for your soul:
Experience anew how much God and others love you. Cherish that realization like a bright red heart.

Write a love letter to yourself (yes yourself!) to remind you why you are a special woman.

Ask the spirit to help you continually grow to be more and more like Crist.

Lie down in the grass and look at the sky. Thank God for the beauty of his awesome creation.

Watch the sunrise. Allow the orange glow of a new day to fill your heart with positive expectations, hope and courage.



Gather some flowers and as you take in their flesh scent, remember that your father ceaselessly takes care of you – just like he takes care of every flower in the field.


Don’t fret about the dark moments that bring aches to your heart. Remember that even those moments have a purpose, and that God will use them for His great glory.
A Coloful Woman
Beautiful, intelligent, diplomatic and determined... these words would describe Esther. That is why she is still one of the most colorful women in the Bible. She did not hesitate to fully enjoy and utilize every aspect of her life as a woman.

Being spoiled is one of those perks of being a child. Those unexpected cookies in the lunch box, Mom snugly tucking you in before her last goodnight kiss, carefree times of fun and laughter, lazy summer days … or even something as insignificant as a box of sugar candy

Spoiling your soul is something you can do...
May do…have to do every day.

Your soul needs special times of nurturing. Even if you are all grown up! So spoil yourself a little…
Eventualyy, she single-handedly rescued her people through her own courage and determination.
Esther serves as a role model to us as women of this modern era:
She nurtured her appearance and took pains with and enjoyed every aspect of her femininity.
She realy cared about other people ans was prepared tp fight for the greater cause.
She lived wholeheartedly: Whether she was working or celebrating - shedid it withall her heart and soul
Washington Irving proclaimed that in the heart of a true woman there is a spark of heavenly fire that is dormant in the daylight of prosperity, but lights up and burns brightly in the darkness of adversity.

You know every colorful part of my life,
but You also know about
the dull colorless parts.

Yes, You spoil me every day
with Your
That I so thoroughly enjoy.

Teach me to live like a child again
and experience the J
each of Your blessings.
Yes, teach me to once again
and find peace in the fact that
You are with me, loving Spirit.

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