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Copy of SMWMiami15 & NatComStudios

Possible partnership prsentation with ManaWynwood.

Meaghan Hendricks

on 27 March 2015

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Transcript of Copy of SMWMiami15 & NatComStudios

As our new partner NatComStudios will benefit from the opportunity to highlight their new cutting edge studio complex, and Miami's talented professionals, vibrant urban art scene, and Wynwood's start-up community.
The Connected Class
is an emerging subset of our global society defined by those
with access and connectivity. Today there are 3 Billion of us. By 2022 there will be 6 billion.
Upwardly Mobile
will be a year long examination of how technology will impact the way we live, work, collaborate, and create in a connected world, and how new ideas, innovations and break-through technologies will lead to meaningful changes in our lives.
For a week in September, a group of 500 world-class social media innovators, influencers and future innovation leaders gather in Miami Wynwood's area to educate, challenge, network, and inspire each other.

This is what makes being the venue partner for Social Media Week Miami such an attractive opportunity. The increased exposure from these hyper-connected influencers, attendees, attending media online and offline, and our SMW community. The partnership would also continue to provide more benefits over time as this event keeps growing becoming the premiere social media & technology event in Miami. The additional meet-ups leading up to the conference would increase ManaWynwood visibility as well.

By partnering with the ManaWynwood complex we could bring global attention to the creativity of Wynwood community and the growing role within that community. Showcasing ManaWynwood as a home for creativity that brings together game changing ideas thought leaders, film makers, digital media artists, musicians, coders, technologists and start-ups.
By day, attendees attend keynotes sessions; panels, workshops and ‘unconference’ style discussion and brainstorming sessions lead by local and global leaders. At night, there are opportunities to attend events crafted to highlight and showcase the power of social media, technology, inspire networking, actionable ideas and relationship building.
Through the exploration of the Global theme "Upwardly Mobile" we want to ask the fundamental question: how can all humans achieve more in a connected world? And what does this mean for Miami, and NatComStudios complex?

At Miami Social Media Week, we will leverage the global social media week platform
to showcase thought leadership and innovations while inspiring conversations on how we
can collectively achieve more.
Many of these will highlight local innovations, educational facilities, leaders and challenges
. As a partner, and being on the organizing team you will be part of helping craft the message that will be seen by the SMW global community.

| Entertainment, Education, Social Impact, Civic Engagement,
| Innovation in Business Models & Operations ( i.e. The Sharing
Economy, Journalism, Hospitality, Advertising, Media & Cultural Institutions)
| Art, Music, Writing, Design, Ideas
We have moved to a new venue to broaden the perception of Miami as a city by showcasing thought leaders, influcener's, urban art scene and innovators, making it a more desirable place for larger businesses to set up offices.
Provide our local community, partners access to global trend research, thought leaders and influencers.

Leverage the digital reach of SMW
to build more awareness for local social media technology innovators, influencers, education and start-ups.
Inspire actionable ideas that can help our local community to become more connected
& effective regardless of age, race, and economic divides.
The new partnership between Social Media Week Miami & NatComStudios would provide an excellent opportunity to launch a new initiative.
To collaborate on year around events to engage the global SMW community.

Social Media Week is a leading news platform and worldwide conference that curates and shares the best ideas, innovations and insights into how social media and technology are changing business, entertainment, education, society and culture around the world.
As the hosting agency
we look to provoke rigorous discussion and debate on the changes in human connectivity through engaging, entertaining, educational and diverse rich content and experiences with the help of strategic partners.
Their are many benefits to having an event like this in Miami. We are looking for long term partners to keep growing and expanding the events reach, and the perception that the global community has of Miami. The only thing that is needed is vision to make this succeed.
We would provide our official venue partner other benefits besides just a speaking opportunity for a discounted rental arrangement. The ability to integrate venue programs, talent, and events as part of the social media week panel sessions, and lead up events. Additional speaking opportunities, marketing, social media, press release, media exposure. Also another benefit of having someone on the SMWMiami organizing team. We are looking for partners to help us grow this event year after year.
Social Reach for top 5 cities
Social Media Week Miami had two second best reach of all the cities. We are looking forward to breaking this record and setting some new ones in 2015 with the help of partners like NetComStudios, Miami Ad School, SapientNitro, Prezi, and Univision.

Media Coverage
Top 10 Social Influencers
Kim Garst, Glen Gilmore,
Pam Moore
Custom Twitter wall
Kim Garst
Social Media Week Miami
Marketing, Communications,
Strategy in a state of art complex
SMWMiami Stats
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